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  1. So there's no problem with using 2 different cleansers every day?
  2. So my Anti Aging system IV and Dermawash are almost here. Wondering what my regime should be for the Glycolic cleanser 10 and Dermawash (ie. Derma in the morning, Glycolic at night or just use one until its done then the other, etc..)
  3. Looking at either Dermawash or the Glycolic Cleanser 10, I've determined my skin type is very dry and sensitive so I will use remaining 2 Aqua bars for back/chest. Was possibly looking at the Anti-Aging system IV for the value since I was looking at getting Glycolic peel 30 for the summer anyways and the other products will be a restock for me.
  4. I was under the impression that the salicylic 8 was meant to get rid of all the dry skin? I'm taking a break from the Aqua until my skin is not dry anymore and then will return to using it once per day.
  5. Was also debating washing my face with honey or the Olive oil KAVI or Spectro Jel at night and using the Aqua in the morning only. I have a weird phobia of not moisturizing my face unless it feels clean.
  6. Used the salicylic 8 on sunday night and left on for about 40 seconds. Face has become increasingly dry even before having used salicylic 8. I have been pretty strict in following your instrutions. Not many big spots right now but have been getting a lot of whiteheads on the forehead, chin/jaw. Really annoyed with my skin at the moment and I'm tempted to screw around with lots of products but I know overdoing it is never good when it comes to acne skin. Please help. On the bright side I'm keeping you guys busy. Was thinking about trying dermawash in a little while as I am now about 3 weeks (20 days) since I started KAVI but am deterred by the SLS/Sulfates etc.
  7. That's the thing with my chin, it is not dry at all and is in fact one of the oilier parts of my face but I have been getting a significant number of new spots there. My forehead as well as the area between my nose and cheeks (you know that very porous area under the eyes?) has been the main area of flakes and dryness. Wondering also how soon I should try the Salicylic 8? I am confident in this regimen though and I am aware improvement takes time.
  8. So 15 days in to the new KAVI system, I have begun to tone and moisturize at night and after 2 days of doing so I have noticed that the toner has begun to help reduce dead skin and flakiness. The only problem I am currently experiencing is some spots and general congestion on the chin area as well as temples, t-zone, forehead. Nose and cheeks are relatively clear. Wondering if my skin is just purging or something since or it's because I have stopped taking Minocycline oral antibiotic 8 days ago. Any advice would be great
  9. Okay, today is officially my last day of Minocycline. If I don't cleanse with Aqua or tone with the toner at night, should I still be moisturizing at night? (I've been simply rinsing my face with water in the shower and not putting anything on it)
  10. After reading through this forum post [below] I saw that it was recommended to stop using all oral/topical treatments and (as I mentioned earlier) I have continued to take Minocycline once per day since having begun this new skin regime. Should I stop taking it perhaps to reduce dryness? Also, if I don't cleanse with Aqua or tone with the toner at night, should I still be moisturizing at night? (I've been simply rinsing my face with water in the shower and not putting anything on it) http://www.kaviskin.com/forums/index.php/topic/714-advice-please/
  11. Beyond grateful for all the help, extremely impressed with KAVI so far. So you're saying I can apply the toner at night without having cleansed prior with the Aqua? Also, do I moisturize after using toner? Thanks
  12. Most of the active spots I had upon beginning treatment have dried up and shrunk noticeably. Besides that, I have gotten only 1 new notable spot between the eyebrows. My main concern is the buildup of flakey/dry skin in the t-zone and forehead that I'm afraid may cause congestion. -> Wondering if starting to use the toner or salicylic 8 soon would be a good idea as well?
  13. So about 4 days in to the new system, my skin is dry (not overly, but more than I would like). I've been cleansing with the Aqua once a day and either moisturizing with the SPF30 or the Glycolipidic. I was wondering what I could do to reduce dryness and also if I should begin cleansing with Aqua twice a day starting this Wednesday as that would mark 1 week since I began the KAVI system? *I have yet to use the Toner or Salicylic 8 at all Thanks!
  14. Extremely fast reply! Tomorrow morning I'll try to use a single drop on forehead then 1 per cheek using that technique. Also just curious how big of a drop it should be? THANKS! I'll try to stop bothering you now haha
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