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  1. Thank you. How much would you say i would need to ease off? how often should i be using the two products during this possible purge stage? I also have extensive back/shoulder/chest acne and multiple scars as well. When i use the the sal-15 on my body, i feel nearly nothing of the sting though. do you think it would be effective on the body? also, once again, would the sal-15 be effective on nodules? Thanks
  2. Hi, I am currently using the coral kavi 2x per day as well as your salycilic acid 15 product. I've had severe acne ever since starting college and usually have a large number of cysts around my jawline, my cheeks, forehead and sideburn area and have mad oily skin (even with coral, it gets oily after about 2 hours). When i first started using these products, it looked like i was clearing up and i noticed my forehead actually stopped hurting because of the lack of huge zits on it and other parts seemed to be improving as well:). It has been about 2 weeks since i started using these products though and now i am getting huge breakouts on my forehead and around my jaw area again. I have read that an "ib" can happen through overdrying and usually manifests itself through multiple small whiteheads. These however, are not small whiteheads. They are the same huge painful cysts i always get. Is there a reason for this? I also am taking zinc and vitamen e supplements daily. also, i hear the sal-15 product is pretty good at flushing anything out (it got out an ingrown hair the other day ). i have a large persisting nodule on my cheek. would it be able to take care of it with more application? let me know please and thank you
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