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  1. Do you know if Kavi products (especially the coral Kavi) are in any way successful at treating Demodex? I know these mites don't like sulfur so I was just wondering if you knew anything about this. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. That is very interesting. The breakouts are along the jawline and around my mouth. My skin has definitely been dry, more than usual. I really like the way the coral Kavi keeps the oiliness in check so I'm a bit weary of trying the Aqua Kavi. My acne is pretty flared up at the momen. I was thinking though; if I leave the suds on for less time and follow up with your moisturizer do you think that will help?
  3. Is it common to experience an initial break out once starting the Kavi products? I started using the Coral Kavi twice a day four days ago and am breaking out quite badly. It is the only thing I am using on my face right now. Just wondering if this is common.
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