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  1. Thank you for your fast reply. So nice to know someone is on the other side of this email that cares. You saved me from making mistakes for sure. I will pass your website on. I am now gonna get a look see at the products you suggested above. ditty
  2. First of all, this is a wonderful site. It has so much info that is easy to understand. My problem is just making sure I pick the right thing and that is where I need your help. I am 47, going thru the last parts of the change of life. I have always had problem skin. Big pores and breakouts. I will list my problems now that I am facing with my face - 1-scarring from acne AND from picking at my skin. I know now what can happen when you pick at your acne breakouts. 2-large pores 3-WRINKLES 4-looks like I have some under the skin pimples but they are not red, just seem to look "bumpy" in places. 5-clogged pores-even after I try and wash, mask etc... 6-I had profraxel/microabrasion procedure done abour 3 years ago but never saw much of a change. If anything, it seems like now that my skin tears easy. It is super soft. 7-Dry patches of skin like my nose, cheeks, chin but yet it feel oily too. I am interested in your peels first and foremost but am having a struggle as what one i need to use. Please help me-I hate going in public anymore with my skin looking bad. I don' t have the funds to go and have things done by a doctor. Thanks, carmen diane taylor
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