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  1. I recently purchased Complex C for my eye area. I have fine lines under my eyes, and I think they're caused primarily from stretching via the puffiness I experience every morning. Should I continue with the Complex C, or should I purchase the Complex A too?
  2. Amber

    Stubborn Cysts

    Thank you for your recommendations! This is just a follow up on my progress: I have continued to use the Coral KAVI once per day, spot treat with the Salicylic Acid 8, and moisturize my face day and night. My skin has greatly improved: the breakout that was occurring on my forehead and left cheek cleared, and the cysts on my right cheek are almost completely gone. I am so pleased with the speedy recovery, and for the first time in my life my face isn't bombarded with excess oil!
  3. Amber

    Stubborn Cysts

    WOW! I used the Salicylic Acid 8 as a spot treatment last night, and when I woke the cysts were significantly flattened. I wish I would have been using this as a spot treatment 9 days ago! Thanks! I have medium skin, and the pimples that have healed left darker brown spots. Should I purchase a glycolic peel to even out my skin? What do you recommend?
  4. Amber

    Stubborn Cysts

    I have been using Coral Kavi (2x day), Salicylic 8% as a weekly mask, and the Organic Sulfur Suspension (2x day) for 9 days. Before starting Kavi, my forehead was clear, and so was my left cheek except for a couple of teeny tiny bumps beneath the skin. My right cheek is what prompted me to try Kavi; I had several larger pimples beneath the skin in the area between my cheekbone and chin. This acne got more noticeable in the winter, although I probably had the tiny bumps beneath my skin for quite some time. The system made my face dry and flaky. Although the small bumps on my left cheek are gone, I have had 2 pimples! I’ve since had three pimples on my forehead! As for the acne on my right cheek, the pimples all came up to the surface. Some are drying out, but some of the acne is still very active. The acne is very pink/red, and despite the sulfur, it will not dry out and go away. I expected the system to dry out the acne before any of it had a chance to surface. I am freaking out! I usually have very oily, sensitive, but cystic acne free skin. My finals really stressed me out, and now the aftermath is all over my face. What do you recommend I do to get rid of this stubborn acne? ** Prior to using Kavi, washing my face with Johnson & Johnson baby soap, and spot treating with Preparation H, and moisturizing with Cetaphil Oil Control SPF 30 used to keep my face clear (although it was always very oily). **I vehemently avoid soy, dairy, nuts, and soda as I find they make me breakout.
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