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  1. Great! Thanks for the info. I will continue using and provide an update in another 2-3 weeks!
  2. I usually get one to two SD spots once a month or every other month. Since I got 3 in 8 days I wasn't sure if maybe SA is causing it. In your opinion, would it be best to use combination of Aqua in the morning and Coral in the evening? Or simply use Coral only once a day? Thank you for your help!
  3. Hello. I have been using Kavi Coral for 8 consecutive days twice a day. 2 weeks prior to using, I stopped all other topical cleansing products. So far I see that my face is getting better as my skin is detoxifying, bringing pimples to surface and started to heal my acne. However, I do have facial SD and about 4 days ago noticed 3 new red spots appear which are in fact SD spots (red/scaly/stinging). Do I just accept this as part of the adjustment period? Or does this mean the SA in the Coral is irritating my SD? Do I need to change to another product that will be effective at both managing my
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