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  1. Oh I forgot to ask you that once I start the DermaWash, would I still be able to use a scrub once a week or a mask? And should I use a makeup remover or a cleanser that removes makeup? There is this product called 'Marcelle Cleansing water' or should I used extra virgin olive oil to remove my makeup?
  2. Okay thank you! I'll try the DermaWash and let you know how it goes
  3. So I shouldn't use a toner or a spot treatment then? Will the DermaWash effectively treat my acne? So you would recommend DermaWash instead of Aqua Kavi?
  4. Would I be able to remove my makeup with DermaWash or use something else? Is there anything else I should use to help treat/reduce my acne? Would you say I should start with DermaWash first or should I order both the DermaWash and the Aqua Kavi?
  5. The breakouts are usually where it is oily but sometimes in dry areas as well
  6. Well i've been using a cleanser called 'La Roche-Posay -- Effaclar' for a year now. However, I did switch to Lush products maybe 2 months ago. I first used a cleanser called herbalism but I stopped because it wasn't working, then I switched to Fresh Farmacy, also another cleanser and I tried that for two weeks but it was drying my skin out and I felt it was breaking me out more. Also, for a short while, I used extra virgin olive oil which moisturized my skin and faded some scars but I stopped using that as well. So now I'm back on my original cleanser. Well the tiny bumps are mostly on my forehead ( i've had a few before but now there a lot more and more bumpy than before), I always breakout between my eyebrows and anywhere on my forehead ( it gets oily on my forehead) and I breakout sometimes on my chin and cheeks. There are some tiny bumps coming out on my chin and cheek area that wasn't there before.
  7. Thanks for the quick reply! Would I break out more if I used the Aqua KAVI? Also, lately I've been getting A LOT of tiny bumps on my forehead and some around my chin, it's never been this bad. Is there anything I can do to minimize them? Would derma wash be a good cleanser to use or would the Aqua KAVI be more effective?
  8. Hello! I am interested in using KAVI products, especially the acne system for oily or combination skin. I have tried many products and as of late it has been getting worse. I have moderate acne and I do break out a lot. There isn't a day where I don't have at least one pimple. My skin gets oily but it also gets dry as well. So would the acne system III work for me or would you advise a different one. Also, my skin is sensitive and I'm worried if the Coral Kavi would dry out my skin too much even though I produce a lot of oil throughout the day. I was just wondering what you would advise I should do and the types of products that could work for me. Thanks!
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