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  1. I've been using the coral kavi for several weeks now, and while I like the feel of my skin my acne hasn't worsened or improved what do you reccomend I do??
  2. Hi, I've been trying to get rid of my acne for the past couple years now. I've tried many different scrubs, soaps, and creams but they all end up giving me the same results and my acne comes back. I think I generally have pretty light acne except during my period when it gets pretty bad. My skin tends to be pretty dry, except for a couple spots that sometimes get oily, depending on the season. I sometimes break out on my back too. I'm really hoping I can find something that clears up my face so I don't have to cake on my face with cover up. Would the coral kavi help or would aqua be better? I'm looking for something strong and effective but that won't dry out my face too much? Thanks so much.
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