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  1. Here, here! I have to agree, I think I'm in love with Kavi. I ordered Thursday and recieved Saturday, and so far, love love love the products.
  2. I just ordered the Coral Kavi and Salicylic Acid 8 peel. Just wanted to say, first off, that I have been using the Coral Kavi for only ONE day (last night and this morning) and I can already tell a HUGE difference in how much oil my skin has produced. Normally by mid afternoon I'm a grease pit and I have to use those Clean and Clear oil absorbing sheets, and only halfway through the day I can make one of those things completely clear with all the oil and gunk on my face. Today...for the first time in over 10 years, there is no trace of oil on my face. I absolutely cannot believe it. I'm floore
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