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  1. I have just ordered Kavi Coral, Salicylic 8, and SPF 50 and am expecting to receive them tomorrow. I had previously been using a 10% Benzoyl Peroxide wash on my face to keep the acne under control (whitehead, blackheads, and some cyst-like acne). The BP was making my skin pretty dry (tight, flaky skin) so I stopped using it about 4 days ago, and while my skin is a bit more oily, it seems to be surprisingly more clear than it was when using the wash. It seems that the dryness was contributing to the acne. I am afraid that the Coral bar will dry out the skin on my face similarly to the 10% BP wash, but I also plan on using it to cleanse my chest, shoulders, and back since that is where my acne is more prominent and severe. Would you suggest that I only use it on my body first to see how my skin reacts to it and then use it for my face?
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