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  1. I bought the kit, so I have been cleansing first with the Kavi cleanser, then applying the glycolic serum 30, and then the glycolipidic moisturizer. I only used the glycolic acid 30 once on Saturday when I recieved my products. I think one reason may be me not realizing that there was an extra bottle in the box. I assumed the sunscreen must have been the moisturizer also. So really I didn't use moisturizer for two days. When I got back on this site, I realized I was missing a bottle and then found in in the box.
  2. I just started using the anti-aging Kavi skin care set on Saturday. I bought the set with 30% glycolic acid. My face felt really soft at first. Today(Monday) it feels extrememly dry. I realized today that I had not seen the moisturizer in the box, so I'm assuming that's why my skin is so dry. It feels like I have tiny bumps on my face. It just feels rough. Should I only use the cleanser and moisturizer for a few days? Do you think the 30% is too strong for me?
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