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  1. what is the ph of it and does it contain regular olive oil or extra virgin olive oil? what is the difference between regular olive oil in your soaps versus extra virgin olive oil and would your olive oil soap be a better moisturizer on the face than coral kavi?
  2. of this bar soap? is it true that bar soap has a high ph and soaps that have a high ph are bad for skin? What is coral kavi's ph and is it considered alkaline or acidic or neutral?
  3. jon33

    coral kavi

    i apologize for all of the questions, but if you were to use coral kavi just as a face bar and use it 2 times a day, how long would each bar last? 2-3 months would you say? nowadays most facial bars go pretty quickly and I am sure that has to do with the ingridients. thanks
  4. jon33

    coral kavi

    sulfur and salicylic acid seem like they could be drying ingridients. would you say your soap is moisturizing considering coral kavi has glycerin?
  5. jon33

    coral kavi

    it is vegetable based correct? does coral kavi also contain vegetable glycerin? how long would you say roughly each bar of soap lasts?
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