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  1. Sulfur and salicylic acid indeed are antiseborrheic (drying). Our vegetable-based moisturizers help offset some of the drying effect, but the net result after use will be drier skin.


    i apologize for all of the questions, but if you were to use coral kavi just as a face bar and use it 2 times a day, how long would each bar last? 2-3 months would you say? nowadays most facial bars go pretty quickly and I am sure that has to do with the ingridients.



  2. Coral KAVI's moisturizer and glycerin are both vegetable-based, and its cleansing component is made from palm oil. It does not contain any animal-based products. When used daily for facial and body applications, one bar will last approximately one month.


    sulfur and salicylic acid seem like they could be drying ingridients. would you say your soap is moisturizing considering coral kavi has glycerin?

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