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  1. We can recommend a number of products that can help with the types of pore problems you describe. Please let us know if the salicylic acid you have used in the past has been of similar or greater concentration than those offered by KAVI.. For cystic acne or similar: Coral KAVI (replace your current cleanser with this bar and use once or twice daily). optional Organic Sulfur Suspension once per day on target area (avoid overuse as this product will tend to dry the skin) For whiteheads: Coral KAVI (same as above, replace your current cleanser with this bar and use once or twice daily). For blackheads: KAVI Toner (use once per evening as a final-stage pore cleanser) optional Salicylic Acid 8 (apply mask to target area once per week to clear stubborn comedones from pores) To avoid any dryness, please remember to moisturize daily with a non-comedogenic moisturizer. KAVI offers three choices: SPF30 (for normal skin), Hyaluronic Acid 95 (for normal to oily skin), and the Glycolipidic Moisturizer (for dry skin).
  2. Yes, you can use the Glycolic Cleanser 10 as a body wash. It does lather well and is very well-suited to sensitive skin on the face or body.
  3. Instructions may be found at the following locations on the KAVI website: http://www.kaviskin.com/info/glycolic-acid.html http://www.kaviskin.com/help.php?section=FAQ#safecheck-AHA
  4. Thank you, Carmen. A glycolic acid peel can address a number of the issues you've cited: acne scarring, large pores, and wrinkles. Based on your post, we would recommend a starting strength of 30 for application on facial skin. Peels should be administered in weekly intervals, and you may wish to look into a maintenance product for use between peels. The Glycolic Serum 15 is a popular choice, as it contains both glycolic acid (15%) and hyaluronic acid (45%), two key rejuvenative ingredients. The Glycolic Serum 15 may be applied daily, but should be skipped on days when you are administering a peel. A less acidic moisturizer, such as Hyaluronic Acid 95, would be best for the 24 hours following a peel. To address clogged pores and acne, a change in your current cleansing routine would be a great place to start. We make a number of cleansers indicated for the treatment of problem pores, listed here in order from mild to intensive: DermaWash, Aqua KAVI, Coral KAVI. Cleanse once or twice per day with one of the preceding cleansers (including right before a peel) and follow up in the evenings with the KAVI Toner. If you are also using the Glycolic Serum 15, apply it last. Finally, be sure to avoid any other antiseborrheics in your skin care regimen. Over-treatment can dry out your skin and aggravate your existing skin conditions.
  5. KAVI Support


    Thank you for taking the time to share your experience. We’re happy to hear your order arrived promptly. We do ship seven days a week and prefer to get orders into customers’ hands as soon as possible. We hope you enjoy our products, and if there are any questions we can answer, please do not hesitate to let us know.
  6. If your skin is already responding well to sulfur and salicylic acid, the possibility of a breakout with Coral KAVI would be small. The most common cause of a breakout while using Coral KAVI, however, is acutely dry skin. Applying a combination of antiseborrheics to the skin can dry out the epidermis and lead to a histamine response often in the form of a rash of small whiteheads. Coral KAVI is our strongest sulfur-based cleanser. You may wish to start out with something milder, such as DermaWash or the Aqua KAVI line of cleansing bars.
  7. Though none of our products are intended as a treatment for eczema, some of our cleansers can be used to alleviate the symptoms of eczema. Many major-brand soaps are alkaline in pH and can disturb the skin’s natural acidity and in turn lead to itching and irritation. KAVI cleansers like Aqua KAVI and DermaWash are both pH-balancing and mild enough for dry or sensitive skin (DermaWash is the milder of the two and recommended for very dry skin with eczema). The KAVI Toner is another option for you to consider. Made with resorcinol, it can alleviate inflamed skin while cleansing pores of any residual dirt, makeup, or bacteria. The KAVI Toner is typically used once per evening as a final-stage cleanser.
  8. If your acne breakouts are in regression (i.e., they are less frequent every month), then glycolic acid would be preferable for the scarring, as it can induce accelerated regeneration of healthy new skin.
  9. If you plan on administering Glycolic Acid 30 to the same target areas that you intend to wax, it may be beneficial to wait at least 48 hours after waxing to allow the skin to calm before applying a peel. Too much irritation to the skin may result in prolonged inflammation lasting up to 72 hours or longer.
  10. The components of any of KAVI’s Anti-Aging Systems are available individually. To access the product pages of any individual product, simply click on the product name from the system page. For an exfoliating facial mask, we would recommend beginning with KAVI Glycolic Acid 30. It will help with uneven texture and tone, however you may need to move up to a stronger concentration after two months if any remaining scarring and/or discoloration requires it. KAVI Complex A is an excellent eye cream designed to hydrate the delicate skin around the eyes while reducing the symptoms of oxidation (including puffiness and dark circles). The KAVI Advanced Melanin Repair Serum is an excellent product for treating age spots, sun spots, and other conditions resulting from uneven melanin production on the skin. Shipments to Florida using our least expensive delivery method (Priority Mail) take about 3 days to arrive from the date of your order.
  11. Unfortunately, we cannot prepare our salicylic acid peels in the same gel format as our glycolic peels without compromising its absorption rate. Oil-based acids like salicylic acid are harder to prepare in high-viscosity gels, especially as the salicylic acid concentration increases. One popular application method involves coating the target with strips of sterile gauze pre-moistened with salicylic acid. In some cases, gently shifting the strips two to four mm while on the skin can help accelerate keratolysis as the gauze applies mild friction to the skin. We would recommend you try this method before considering a lower-grade salicylic gel for treatments requiring comedolysis and/or keratolysis.
  12. Please see the following topic for more information: http://www.kaviskin.com/forums/index.php?s...&hl=initial
  13. It should be ok to use Coral KAVI in conjunction with witch hazel and jojoba oil. This combination can help offset some of the drying that may result from Coral KAVI without impacting its efficacy as an anti-acne treatment. Salicylic Acid 8 is a mild peel great for papular or pustular acne, blackheads, and other minor pore-related issues. The sulfur suspension is intended for nodular and/or cystic acne. It can be very drying and should be used with care. If your skin is oily, the sulfur suspension may be ok to use with longer-than-indicated intervals (e.g., every other day). If your skin is dry or sensitive, you may be better served to go with Salicylic Acid 8 to treat your moderate acne. To determine whether Coral KAVI is a sufficient regimen for you, use it alone for two weeks and evaluate the results. Everyone's skin is different, and you may find that Coral KAVI by itself is just right or requires an adjunct.
  14. The sizes we use for any of our systems are the smaller of those available individually. For example, all peels are 2 ounces and all serums are 1 ounce. The exception is in System II, where the Enhanced Retinol is ½ ounce, representative of the smaller of two sizes available separately (½ ounce and 1 ounce). Purchasing a system typically provides a 15% savings over buying the products separately, so if you do need everything in a system, it would be more cost-effective to purchase them together as a system.
  15. What strength glycolic were you planning on using? While glycolic acid isn’t the best peel for acne (it doesn’t do as good a job as salicylic acid in opening up clogged pores), it is still effective. In terms of comparable strength, KAVI Salicylic Acid 8 is about equal to KAVI Glycolic Acid 30. All KAVI bar cleansers have the word “KAVI” stamped on them. It is a deep stamp placed at the time the soap is still soft. If it is a new bar and it doesn’t say “KAVI”, it’s not KAVI.
  16. Unless indicated otherwise by your physician, our anti-acne products are best suited for people 13 years of age and older. The first product to consider in any anti-acne regimen is the daily cleanser: Coral KAVI (for oily or combination skin) or Aqua KAVI (for normal skin) or DermaWash (for dry or sensitive skin). Please note that this cleanser should replace all other cleansers that would be used on the target area. Your second product should be a salicylic acid mask (we would recommend Salicylic Acid 8 for the first time), applied once per week. Our salicylic acid masks need to be removed after 20 to 90 seconds of contact on the skin. They are very effective in clearing clogged pores and neutralizing acne bacteria. If you find that your daughter’s skin requires additional treatment between weekly peels, then the KAVI Toner may be used once per evening as a final-stage cleanser to help keep pores clear between application of salicylic acid masks. Complementary products would be a moisturizer and a sun block. Because salicylic acid masks exfoliate dead skin cells, they leave underlying living tissue exposed to harmful UV rays. To minimize any risk to the skin, please be sure to use adequate sun block on any treated skin which may come into contact with the sun. You may be interested in reviewing our anti-acne systems at http://www.kaviskin.com/search.php?mode=se...n&by_sku=on. Additionally, our user forums, at http://www.kaviskin.com/forums/index.php, have many questions and answers related to acne prone skin and the use of KAVI products. Finally, please note that it would be best to temporarily cease use of any other anti-can products while treating the skin with KAVI products. “Overtreatment” with too many antiseborrheics can dry out the skin, leading to unnecessary irritation and inflammation.
  17. KAVI Support


    Please have a look at the following posts and let us know if you have any follow-up questions. colloidal vs precipitated sulfur: http://www.kaviskin.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=272 http://www.kaviskin.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=115 recommended length of time to leave Coral KAVI on skin: http://www.kaviskin.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=28
  18. The sulfur suspension may be applied after cleansing with Coral KAVI or another cleanser. Shaking the suspension before use is a good idea, and application onto towel-dried skin is recommended. Unlike our other products, the sulfur suspension can require a more generous layer to ensure an adequate distribution of sulfur to the target area. The suspension is a strong antiseborrheic, and you should monitor your skin closely for dryness. If dryness ensues, stop using the suspension for one week and recommence application at wider intervals (e.g., if you were applying daily before, apply once every other day after recommencing). One additional note: sulfur can temporarily darken silver jewelry, and we would advise you avoid exposing silver to skin being treated with the suspension.
  19. While olive oil will not lead to an increase in acne infection on most skin types, it is ineffective as a treatment (except in cases where it is used as a replacement to an ingredient that was the source of an acne problem). Coral KAVI not only contains ingredients that are safe for acne-prone skin (e.g., palm oil, vegetable-based moisturizers, glycerin), but also contains ingredients that can treat acne infection effectively (e.g., sulfur, salicylic acid). Pearl KAVI (made with olive oil) can be a better choice for skin that doesn't need active anti-acne care but will break out with use of other cleansing bars (e.g., Ivory, Dove, etc.).
  20. Yes, KAVI sulfur-based cleansers, including Coral KAVI, Aqua KAVI, DermaWash, and the Sulfur Shampoo, can be successful in treating Demodex. Depending on the mites' resiliency and proliferation, they can either be completely eliminated, or the sulfur products can serve as an adjunct to more intensive prescription treatment.
  21. Yes, you can use our peels on the neck area, preferably beginning with the same strength you have used successfully on facial skin. For your first peel on any new target area, it would always be best to keep the duration to a minimum (one to two minutes, and preferably preceded with a spot test) to evaluate the peel’s compatibility with skin on that region of the body.
  22. It really depends on your skin. For facial peels, people typically start with a lower concentration (20% or 30%) to acclimate their skin to glycolic acid and test for sensitivity, thereby reducing the chances of a burn. While the effects from a glycolic acid burn at a pH of 2.1 are relatively mild (equal to about a medium sunburn), there isn’t a need to risk an occurrence when you have a safer approach to take. We recommend starting strengths of 30% or 40% for peels on the chest, back, legs, arms, etc., as the skin there is thicker and less susceptible to a reaction. If your skin is more resilient than average, you can start with higher strengths and reduce the application time for the first two or three peels to offset the acid strength. However, please note that this is not our recommended approach for those without prior experience with lower-strength peels.
  23. Both our salicylic acid (pH=2.35) and buffered glycolic acid preparations (pH=2.1) should provide for a fast recovery time, typically within two hours of peel removal. During the recovery window, your skin may be somewhat red and mildly inflamed, however any visible redness and inflammation should subside within two hours. Be sure to protect your skin with suitable SPF protection while treating your skin with glycolic or salicylic acid exfoliation masks, as peels will make the skin more sensitive to UV radiation. Also have a look at the following forum post for more information: http://www.kaviskin.com/forums/index.php?s...9entry425.
  24. Have you reviewed the table, “Choosing the Appropriate Chemical Treatment for Acne Scarring”, at http://www.kaviskin.com/info/aha-bha.html? It provides a definitive compare & contrast between glycolic acid and salicylic acid for the treatment of acne scarring.
  25. Glycolic Acid 40, if applied with little to no inflammation on facial skin, should be ok to use on the neck. For your first peel on any new target area, it would always be best to keep the duration to a minimum (one to two minutes, and preferably preceded with a spot test) to evaluate the peel’s compatibility with skin on that region of the body.
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