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  1. While it is difficult to make a definitive determination over email whether our products can provide you with the results you are seeking, it is helpful to know that a 20% glycolic peel has been effective for you. In general, our best products for treating wrinkles, stretch marks, and other "textural" skin conditions are glycolic peels. We would recommend a starting strength of 20% to 30% on facial skin and any other areas of the body where skin is thinner and more sensitive, and a starting strength of 40% to 50% on other areas of the body. For pigmentation correction, it is also possible to augment our peels with the Advanced Melanin Repair Serum, which safely helps control melanin production on targeted areas of the skin.
  2. Yes, Coral KAVI bars are paraben-free.
  3. Shea butter is an inexpensive and very effective general-purpose moisturizer (far more so than witch hazel or products from Cetaphil, etc.) that does not lead to breakouts for most skin types. It's like a butter in its appearance and feel, and you may have doubts about its non-comedogenicity upon visual inspection, but it would be advisable to evaluate it, if not at least on a small control area first. Smoke from marijuana use may play a part in clogging your pores, but if you practice that activity in a well-ventilated area, the effect on your skin can be close to zero.
  4. Sometimes dryness does not have pronounced symptoms. To make sure you are not breaking out due to dryness, keep your skin hydrated with a non-comedogenic moisturizer, preferably immediately after cleansing with Coral KAVI. You can always temporarily cease use of a moisturizer at a later time to test your skin's response to Coral KAVI sans compensating hydration, but at the commencement of treatment, it would be best to contain the possibility of a reaction before it leads to more acute inflammation.
  5. We offer a number of products in varying degrees of intensity for the conditions you mentioned below. Have you reviewed our Product Matrix at http://www.kaviskin.com/st-htm/product-matrix.html? For initial application on skin that is neither too sensitive nor too accustomed to treatment, here is what we would recommend: Clogged Pores Cleanse daily with your choice of DermaWash (dry skin), Aqua KAVI (normal skin), or Coral KAVI (oily skin), Maintain pores once per evening with KAVI Toner, Clear pores once or twice per week with Salicylic Acid 8 (apply only once every other week if used in conjunction with a glycolic acid mask to treat wrinkles, see below). Fine Lines / Wrinkles Cleanse daily with your choice of Glycolic Cleanser 10 (dry or normal skin) or Pearl KAVI (oily skin), Repair lines with your choice of Complex C (sensitive skin, applied once or twice per day), Enhanced Retinol 0.30% (also good for maintaining pores, for normal skin, applied once or twice per day), or Glycolic Acid 20 or 30 (intensive treatment, applied once per week, or once every other week if used in conjunction with a salicylic acid mask), Moisturize skin with your choice of Hyaluronic Acid 95 (normal or oily skin, fine for use under makeup) or the Glycolipidic Moisturizer (dry skin). Hopefully the information above will give you some options to consider for your first purchase.
  6. Current prices may be found on our website at www.kaviskin.com. When bundled together in a system, savings (as in the system above) can be as high as 27% when compared to purchasing the products separately.
  7. Yes, that is in all likelihood true, and you are prudent to wish to not replicate that outcome with KAVI products. The face tends to produce more oil than the upper body, and the upper body tends to produce more oil than the lower region of the body, so your best option would be to take a moderate approach to your overall regimen regardless of region. Start with a cleanse once every other day and determine from there whether you need to increase or decrease cleansing intervals. On one side of the spectrum, we have Coral KAVI customers who cleanse their faces once every other day and their back and chest once per week. On the other end, we have customers who cleanse their faces three times per day and their back and chest up to twice per day.
  8. KAVI Support

    Product advice

    With DermaWash applied two to three times per week and with no other antiseborrheics in your regimen, it is noteworthy that you still are observing symptoms of dryness. It would seem your skin is very susceptible to dryness, and this is not uncommon among patients who have undergone treatment with isotretinoin drugs in the past. You also mention that you have taken antibiotics in the past for your acne. It was a common practice in the 1980's and 1990's to put patients on long-term antibiotic regimens to treat acne. It is widely held today that the long-term use of antibiotics creates resistant strains of acne that persist into adulthood and are extremely difficult to treat. Hormonal shifts due to pregnancy and nursing can further exacerbate breakouts. We do have many users of our products who fit this profile (5-10 years of antibiotic use (e.g., tetracycline) coupled with 4-6 months of isotretinoin treatment) and who have found a balance of our products to reduce their rate of acne infection by up to 90%. At this stage, you may want to change up your regimen again to see if you can achieve an improvement. For example, you may want to switch to a very mild cleanser (e.g., Cetaphil - made by Galderma) and then administer a salicylic acid mask (KAVI, 8%) every two weeks. That regimen also works well in cases similar to yours. Let us know how things go over the next month. We want to help and also learn what ultimately works for you.
  9. Our systems vary in price depending on the system number. If you select a system other than the default system, then the price will change to reflect the price of the system of your choosing. You needn't add a selected system to your shopping bag to see its price: prices are updated dynamically from the product page.
  10. KAVI Support

    Product advice

    It sounds like you have found the right products to treat your acne but that the application intervals are too close together. Your skin may be too sensitive to use the products as directed, and given your current regimen, it appears you've already discovered that: The regimen above is a good one for sensitive skin, though you may wish to cut out the witch hazel altogether. And do remember that a spot treatment must be applied only to a lesion and not to the skin surrounding it. Your goal is to open up comedones, and you only need a 1mm diameter application of salicylic acid on top of the lesion to be effective. And if you are using Salicylic Acid 8 as a spot treatment, then you shouldn't really be using it as a mask once weekly (especially on skin as sensitive as yours). Also, no need to bring in the Glycolipidic Moisturizer right now: you don't have naturally dry skin that you are attempting to protect from the onset of premature aging. You have acne-prone skin that you are drying out with too many antiseborrheics, and so your best course of action would be to lengthen application intervals until your skin no longer feels dry and no longer exhibits signs of new acne infection. You're almost there.. keep fine-tuning and let us know how things go. Cleansing with water morning and night five days out of seven isn't out of the realm of possibility, so don't be afraid to explore those outlying regimens.
  11. Glycolic Cleanser 10 in the mornings and DermaWash in the evenings would be a better regimen, but it's not imperative to use one or the other in the mornings or evenings. It's typically a better idea to use a stronger cleanser at the end of the day.
  12. Keep in mind that the Glycolic Cleanser 10 is not indicated for acne, however it can be used for acne-prone skin where pH sensitivity is the primary driver behind infection. The Glycolic Cleanser 10 is pH-balancing and avoids the acute increase in skin pH when cleansing with traditional soaps. Aqua KAVI for the chest and back is a common regimen and may be appropriately dosed if you are using DermaWash or the Glycolic Cleanser 10 for the face. With the Anti-Aging System IV, you may wish to keep application times of Glycolic Acid 30 near or at the low end of the spectrum (four minutes) given your skin's sensitivity. It may also be beneficial to lengthen application intervals to two weeks.
  13. It would be best to work with DermaWash exclusively and then step into any products that are astringents or antiseborrheics. Until you know how your skin responds to DermaWash, it would be prudent to limit the skin's exposure to other products.
  14. Not right at the start of your new regimen with KAVI, no. DermaWash is less drying than Aqua KAVI and would be more appropriate as a first step for your skin.
  15. DermaWash can also remove your makeup. It would be prudent to start with DermaWash alone and, after a couple of weeks of use, make a determination if you need additional product. With dry and sensitive skin like yours, it is too easy to over-treat the skin and consequently trigger an immune response.
  16. It sounds like you may need a milder anti-acne cleanser, and DermaWash would be our mildest.
  17. What have you been treating your skin with to date? Are the breakouts where you have oily or dry skin?
  18. The Anti-Acne System II for Normal/Dry Skin might be a better system for you, however, you may want to start even more conservatively and simply purchase a bundle of the Aqua KAVI. Cleanse your skin once per day with Aqua KAVI, and with water alone during other cleansing sessions within a 24-hour window. Try that for one week and evaluate your skin's response. If you feel your skin still feels too oily, try shortening your cleansing intervals with Aqua KAVI to twice per day. Based on your skin's response over the following week or two, you can make a determination to maintain the current regimen, lengthen cleansing intervals, or add additional KAVI products such as the Toner, a salicylic acid mask (preferably the 8%) or a complete system.
  19. Salicylic Acid 8 will help remove dead skin, but it is also a comedolytic and antiseborrheic, meaning it will also help remove comedones (what clogs pores) and sebum (the skin's natural lubricant). People with overactive sebaceous glands find antiseborrheics to be helpful in their anti-acne regimens.
  20. You shouldn't have applied the Salicylic Acid 8 to any regions of your skin that were dry. The key to a successful anti-acne regimen is finding the right balance of products and application intervals to treat your skin without drying it out and consequently inducing a histamine response that in turn leads to more breakouts. Where your skin is dry, eliminate application of any antiseborrheics for several days before recommencing at a slower pace (e.g., Aqua KAVI once per day as discussed at the start of this topic).
  21. You can certainly try that if you have some Aqua KAVI on-hand. Finding the right balance for your unique skin type will take some trial and error. Keep in mind, however, that the salicylic acid in Coral KAVI is not known to promote new SD lesions on skin prone to the condition.
  22. As long as it is not drying out your skin, Coral KAVI will not promote seborrheic dermatitis outbreaks. How often would you say you sustain new SD lesions as a matter of course? Are three lesions in two weeks above the norm for you?
  23. If it's been two weeks since you started with the Aqua KAVI, you can start with the Salicylic Acid 8.
  24. Any dryness in the chin area? If not, a purge is possible. The T-zone tends to be oilier than the rest of the face, and if you are sensing that to be the case for your forehead, nose, etc., you may want to lather your hands and cleanse just those areas in the evenings before administering the Toner to the entire facial region. An important part of identifying the optimal anti-acne regimen is maintaining your skin's sebum balance (that means neither oily nor dry).
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