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  1. If your skin feels dry, then you should moisturize.
  2. You should discuss the matter of minocycline with the doctor who prescribed it. Taking minocycline while treating the skin with KAVI products is compounding treatment and consequently will lead to increased dryness. Furthermore, long-term use of antibiotics in the treatment of acne is no longer considered desirable by many healthcare providers for the reason that it breeds resistant strains of acne bacteria that can lead to persistent pore infections and a lifelong struggle with acne-related problems.
  3. Thank you! Yes, you can apply the Toner at night without first having cleansed with Aqua KAVI. Yes, you should be moisturizing in the mornings and evenings after Aqua KAVI and the Toner to keep your skin from drying out.
  4. Great news on the acne front, however you will want to stay ahead of the dry skin. It would be best to remain exclusively with the Aqua KAVI for another week before considering the introduction of the Toner or Salicylic Acid 8. Beginning on the third week, stay at once per day with the Aqua KAVI (in the mornings), but apply the Toner in the evenings. Stick with that routine for another two weeks, then consider introducing the Salicylic Acid 8 at once-weekly intervals.
  5. If your skin is drier than you would like, it may be better to prolong your current regimen (cleansing once per day with Aqua KAVI) for another week. How is your acne doing at the conclusion of your first week with Aqua KAVI?
  6. It sounds like you are using too much. With one drop, try dabbing it in multiple locations before spreading with your finger to cover a given area. Then move to another region of the face with the second (and third) drop and repeat the process.
  7. (1) The Anti-Acne System III can be used as directed from Day 1, however, if you have been using another anti-acne regimen prior to commencement of the KAVI system, you may need to give your skin some time to flush out the effects of the previous regimen in order to avoid the possibility of compounding treatment and consequently irritating your skin. You may wish to commence with the complete system with the following caveats: (1) wait one week before your first application of Salicylic Acid 8, and (2) cleanse your skin only once per day (in the mornings) with Aqua KAVI for the first week, then move to twice per day the following week if your skin is not exhibiting symptoms of dryness. (2) Yes, Aqua KAVI can be effective for the treatment of body acne. (3) Salicylic Acid 8 will yield mild keratolysis to help with the superficial scarring, and Aqua KAVI can help with KP on the upper arms.
  8. For fine lines, Complex C will be a better choice, but for the puffiness, you would need Complex A. If you are going to administer both, be sure to apply Complex C first followed 3-5 minutes later by Complex A.
  9. KAVI Support

    Stubborn Cysts

    Thank you for the update, Amber! As we tell so many of our customers, a measured approach to acne treatment almost always yields better results than pulling out all the stops.
  10. KAVI Support

    Stubborn Cysts

    Great to hear that you were able to successfully spot treat the lesions. The brown spots are a result of bruising at the infection site. The color is from the blood and cellular debris left behind, and there is little you can do but wait for the blood and debris to be resorbed back into the body. Glycolic acid will not help, but perhaps a light layer of foundation can help mask the discoloration while you wait for your skin to heal.
  11. KAVI Support

    Stubborn Cysts

    Thank you for the detailed post. Using Coral KAVI and the Organic Sulfur Suspension twice daily makes for a very strong regimen. As they are both strong antiseborrheics, we would recommend your regimen for only very oily skin. You may want to temporarily eliminate the Organic Sulfur Suspension from your regimen and use Salicylic Acid 8 as a daily spot treatment instead of a weekly mask. Read our other posts on the perils of drying out your skin. There is a good write-up here.
  12. Look for a non-comedogenic, pH-balanced, water-based moisturizer.
  13. Glycolic acid would be the correct peel to use. We would recommend a strength between 30% and 60%, depending on the target area's sensitivity to glycolic acid.
  14. Waxing is very stressful on the skin, and we wouldn't recommend waxing on any skin that is undergoing treatment with one of our salicylic acid masks. Waiting four weeks after completing a salicylic acid treatment cycle would be a safe interval of time to wait before considering a wax. Spot treatments with salicylic acid, however, do not sensitize the skin enough to significantly increase the risk of inflammation and irritation following a wax.
  15. That should not be a problem, however it would be important to monitor your skin for signs of dryness as you step through your new regimen. If your skin feels tight, sensitive to the touch, or inflamed in the days following an application of Salicylic Acid 15, re-examine your regimen to see if there are any antiseborrheics you can remove or reduce in application frequency to stabilize your skin.
  16. Yes, Complex C can be used on the entire face, including the skin around the eye region.
  17. Thank you for your email, and we are very happy to hear of your experience with our products and customer service. Both our products and services adhere to stringent standards, and we take pride in the value we provide our customers. We also thank you for any positive feedback that you pass along to others. A big part of KAVI’s business is driven by word-of-mouth referrals.
  18. Thank you for your recent order. Unfortunately, we are not equipped for will call pickup in San Francisco. Orders do ship very quickly and often arrive on the next business day when destined for the San Francisco Bay Area.
  19. We would recommend two product groups for the treatment of KP: KAVI sulfur-based cleansing bars and KAVI glycolic acid exfoliation masks. For facial skin, cleanse twice per day with Coral KAVI (Aqua KAVI for sensitive skin) and exfoliate once per week with Glycolic Acid 30 (Glycolic Acid 20 for sensitive skin). For arms, legs, etc., cleanse twice per day with Coral KAVI and exfoliate once per week with Glycolic Acid 50 (Glycolic Acid 40 for sensitive skin). If your skin acclimates well to the above glycolic acid strengths, you may wish to consider increasing strengths to the next available level on your subsequent order.
  20. The Coral KAVI cleansing bar contains 2% colloidal sulfur which is equivalent to 10% precipitated sulfur. Colloidal sulfur is molecularly smaller and absorbs into pores more thoroughly than precipitated sulfur. Though colloidal preparations are more expensive to manufacture, we choose it to improve the olfactory experience in our cleansing bars. Coral KAVI is also made with 3% salicylic acid.
  21. Hi Alex, we have replied to you via email. -KAVI Support
  22. The sizes in the Anti-Aging System IV are as follows: Glycolic Cleanser 10 – 8oz (or 3-bar bundle of Pearl KAVI for Oily/Combination System) Glycolic Acid 30 – 2oz Glycolic Serum 30 – 1oz Hyaluronic Acid 95 – 1oz (or 1oz bottle of the Glycolipidic Moisturizer for Oily/Combination System) SPF30 – 2oz
  23. For the concurrent treatment of acne and superficial acne scarring, we would recommend KAVI Salicylic Acid, as it will exfoliate the top layers of damaged skin cells as well as clear infected pores of acne bacteria. The chart labeled “Choosing the Appropriate Chemical Treatment for Acne Scarring” at http://www.kaviskin.com/info/aha-bha.html provides additional information. Unfortunately, there are no salicylic acid coupons available this month.
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