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  1. The Advanced Melanin Repair Serum can be used in conjunction with Obagi products. Do keep in mind that, in addition to alpha arbutin, the AMRS contains glycolic acid and lactic acid. The serum's pH is 3.8, making it more acidic than the skin's natural pH of 5-5.5. As such, you should be careful when using it with other keratolytics like tretinoin. Not to say that they cannot be used together (they can be, and often are), but you should keep an eye out for any gradually increasing irritation if your skin is sensitive. One more point to take note of would be that ingredients capable of pigmentation correction (e.g., alpha arbutin and hydroquinone) will not be able to aid in removing bruising from acne infections. For the tonal variations (i.e., bruising) you see after an acne infection has subsided, your best option is to wait for the body to resorb post-infection debris and heal the site. Use of a glycolic acid peel can help accelerate the healing process by exfoliating superficial cellular debris and accelerating the regeneration of healthy new tissue.
  2. A glycolic acid mask is commonly used to treat this condition (or salicylic acid if you have very oily skin). We recommend a starting strength of 30% on the face (20% if you have sensitive skin) and 40% on the body (30% if you have sensitive skin). If you would like to view application instructions online, please review any of the following links: http://www.kaviskin.com/faq.html#safecheck-AHA http://www.kaviskin.com/faq.html#ga-proc http://www.kaviskin.com/info/glycolic-acid-info.html For more information on hyperkeratosis and KAVI, please visit http://www.kaviskin.com/info/hyperkeratosis.html.
  3. The treatment of keratosis pilaris would seldom require both glycolic acid and salicylic acid. Often only one is selected based on your skin type and on the requirements of other skin conditions you may be treating concurrently. For the concurrent treatment of anti-aging and stretch marks, the better choice may be glycolic acid for your KP. For the first treatment cycle, our recommendations for glycolic acid applications on the face are 30%, 40% for applications on the body. However, you or your physician may have determined a stronger initial concentration will be required.
  4. If you have oily skin, cleansing with Coral KAVI twice a day, even during the purge, will be fine. If using Salicylic Acid 15 as a spot treatment, apply once per day for no more than two days (three days for cysts), then wait a week before spot treating in the same region. If using as a once-weekly peel, there would be no need to alter the application frequency. If Salicylic Acid 15 is proving too mild for your back, shoulders, and chest, you do have the option of moving up to Salicylic Acid 25 for those regions. And yes, Salicylic Acid 15 is effective for nodules, as it is for papules, pustules, and cysts.
  5. How are you applying Salicylic Acid 15? As a once-weekly mask or as a daily spot treatment? One phenomenon you may be experiencing is a purge. It can happen when you commence a treatment that will prove to be effective for your acne. Such a treatment doesn't have to involve a medicated product. For example, many with moderate to severe back and chest acne experience the same phenomenon with the sun. Following the season's first weekend at the beach, they'll find that their acne improves dramatically in the following days, then grows worse before it appears to completely clear up for a duration of several weeks. The treatment (the sun in this case) is purging all existing infections, including those that were still too small to see. If this is what you are experiencing, it is important now to ensure you don't overmedicate. Even if you see that your acne has gotten worse, ease off the treatment and let the purge work through its course without tailing it with irritation and dryness from excessive application of antiseborrheics. And yes, Salicylic Acid 15 is very good for ingrown hairs as well. It temporarily constricts pore diameter over a period of two to three days, and thus, with the help of the growing hair's outward momentum, forces the ingrown follicle out.
  6. The Advanced Melanin Repair Serum corrects uneven melanocyte distributions at the basal layer of the epidermis. It would be the correct product for chloasma, melasma, lentigines (age spots), sun spots, etc. It would likely not be effective for dark circles under the eyes, a phenomenon often caused by the oxidation of free radicals in the periorbital region. Complex A is compatible with the KAVI Enhanced Retinol 0.30% serum as well as with any other KAVI anti-aging product. Complex A, as with all of our anti-aging serums, is hypoallergenic. Complex A is not formulated with any fragrance.
  7. While the Advanced Melanin Repair Serum is safe to use in the periorbital region, you may wish to consider KAVI Complex A instead. It is specifically formulated to address the oxidation of free radicals that leads to dark circles under the eyes. It can be used alone or as part of a complete skin care regimen comprising any of our other anti-aging products.
  8. Our cleansing bars, Coral KAVI included, are designed for safe, long-term daily use (provided skin is monitored for any inflammation, peeling, or irritation resulting from dryness). There are no ingredients in these products given their prescribed concentrations that are known to have any side effects from long-term use. We would be happy to respond in more detail if you could direct us to the source of the information your friend has come across.
  9. Yes, the Organic Sulfur Suspension does work on all types of acne, however it is a strong product, so we would advise you ease into its use if your skin is naturally dry or sensitive.
  10. Thank you for your feedback, and we're very happy to hear of your success with Coral KAVI. Though preventing hormonal acne would be difficult, you might want to look into a stronger salicylic acid concentration for a spot treatment. We typically recommend a starting concentration of 15%.
  11. The Detoxifying Cleansing Scrub and the Glycolic Cleanser 10 are very different products. Though they are both suitable for sensitive skin, the former's active ingredients are pomegranate and green tea, and the latter's active ingredient is glycolic acid. The Detoxifying Cleansing Scrub is also mixed with microcrystals that give the cleanser a gritty texture that will help with exfoliation during cleansing. You are able to use both, but we would advise using them in rotation. For example, you may opt to use the Glycolic Cleanser 10 in the mornings and the Detoxifying Cleansing Scrub in the evenings.
  12. Coral KAVI - a cleanser with sulfur and salicylic acid (applied up to twice daily on oily or combination skin) KAVI Salicylic Acid 15 or 25 - a comedolytic exfoliation mask (applied once per week)
  13. In addition to what has been recommended above, you may want to look into frequently changing your pillow cases and sleepwear. Changing out pillow cases and pajamas daily can make a significant difference in the rate of new breakouts for some. Be sure to wash everything with a pH-neutral cleanser, and to keep costs down, consider purchasing a set of pillow cases and sleepwear to last you the week. This routine can be particularly beneficial to those with oily skin, since cotton can absorb a large amount of sebum and, when pressed against the skin for extended periods of time throughout the night, increase the probability of comedone formation and acne infection.
  14. At this time, it would not be advisable to reduce your treatment intervals or otherwise strengthen your regimen in the pursuit of more significant results. You may be better served to determine the root cause of your continued breakouts, be it diet, hormonal, or an exposure to a comedogenic or pH-altering substance (e.g., general-purpose moisturizers, high-alkalinity clothing detergents, etc.). There is not much that can be done about bruising after the fact, but taking the right preventive measures by way of your current regimen can minimize the severity of new infections and consequently reduce post-infection recovery time.
  15. KAVI Support

    Product Advice

    We are happy to hear Coral and Aqua KAVI have been working so well for you. They are certainly popular products for adult acne among our customers. For wrinkles, we have products for both prevention and treatment. Adequate moisturization is the single best preventive measure against wrinkles, and we have two high-impact, non-comedogenic moisturizers for you to consider, Hyaluronic Acid 95 and the Glycolipidic Moisturizer. Designed specifically for wrinkle prevention, KAVI Complex C comprises specific actives to help restore and maintain the collagen-elastin matrix, relax wrinkle-forming muscular contractions, and hydrate skin cells. For the treatment of existing wrinkles, we would recommend Enhanced Retinol 0.30% (which is also good for maintaining clear pores). Enhanced Retinol 0.30% is stronger than Complex C, and we would recommend a moderated insertion into your skin care regimen to control any potential irritation or inflammation. More intensive anti-wrinkle products from KAVI include our line of glycolic acid masks, however if your skin is very sensitive, it may be prudent to try the milder products above first before looking into a 20% or 30% strength glycolic acid mask.
  16. Around your mouth and on your jawline, neck, and back, have you seen any change at all? It would be helpful to know if there has been any improvement or if you have observed any symptoms of dryness (e.g., flaking skin, tightness, inflammation). Did you purchase the Anti-Acne System III for Oily/Combination Skin or Normal/Dry Skin? The redness that you mention following the comedolysis of the whiteheads may be post-infection bruising. If so, there is unfortunately little that you can do but wait for the infection site to heal and for the residual blood under the skin to be resorbed by the body.
  17. Light itself does not affect a product so much, but UV rays can have an impact and mostly in the form of discoloration. Large and frequent temperature fluctuations will pose the greatest detriment to the potency of a given product's active ingredients. You needn't worry too much, however: KAVI products require only a reasonable level of care in handling and storage to outlast their published shelf lives.
  18. If you feel that your skin has been gradually getting drier over the last three months and with symptoms of dryness beginning to surface only now, it is possible that Coral KAVI is just barely too strong for your skin. Coral KAVI is our strongest antiseborrheic cleanser, and you may wish to scale back to one of the following milder alternatives, listed here with the strongest cleanser on top: DermaWash S2 (liquid) Aqua KAVI (bar) DermaWash (liquid)
  19. There are and have been several types of toners for skin. To find the reason why toner is called toner would require some historical research into earlier iterations of toner products. Even today, there are different types of toners that perform varying functions from cleansing to moisturizing. The KAVI Toner is indicated as a second-stage cleanser for pores. It helps clear them of any residual dirt, cellular debris, and/or makeup, and it temporarily reduces pore diameter to give the skin a more consistent texture.
  20. If your breakouts are solely from the lemon treatment, then your best corrective action would be to return to your pre-lemon regimen once you feel your skin has recovered and is ready for something more intensive than a very mild cleanser and moisturizer. Returning immediately to a salicylic acid cleanser or pursuing something stronger to restore your skin from the effects of the lemon treatment may only make your skin's condition worse.
  21. Great to hear your skin is on the path to becoming acne-free. As with most toners, the KAVI Toner does not need to be washed off. Apply it with a cotton ball or gauze square once per evening after your initial cleanse with Coral KAVI, and you should be ready to moisturize after the ethanol from the Toner has evaporated.
  22. All KAVI products are non-comedogenic, meaning they have been developed with the intent of being pore-friendly and have been tested to confirm that design goal. There will always be cases, however, where there exists a unique combination of factors with an individual that leads to clogged pores with the use of a given product. Such cases are rare, and because we do guarantee our products, in the unlikely event that one of our products does clog your pores, you will be able to return or exchange it.
  23. You can spot treat in the mornings and tone at night: it's best to retire for the evening with clear pores. If you have tonal variance on your skin that has lasted over a year, then glycolic acid will likely yield an improvement.
  24. KAVI Support

    Hormonal Acne

    When we wrote above that "animal fats, hormones, or enzymes could be triggering an allergic response in your body that is manifesting itself as the breakouts you see on your face," we meant animal fats, animal hormones, or animal enzymes. Whether the cause of your breakouts is dietary or hormonal, and if neither can be controlled, then weekly peels and a toner will not so much prevent acne as they will minimize the magnitude of them when they do occur.
  25. Your revised regimen looks good, although you may want to reconsider spot treating twice daily at the onset since (a) your skin may not require it, and ( it may lead to irritation. With any anti-acne regimen, it is always best to start with minimal dosages and work your way up as needed. Regarding post-infection discoloration, there is not much you can do but wait. The discoloration you are observing is really bruising that resulted from the size of the infection within the pore. What you can do to minimize the bruising and consequent heal time is to minimize the size of the infection when it happens. You can do so by spot-treating with salicylic acid. We recommend Salicylic Acid 15 for spot treatments, but if you have sensitive skin or find that Salicylic Acid 8 works well on your skin, there would be no need to move up to the 15% concentration. Regarding your question about toners, yes, they could cause irritation, but for most they don't. Since you are not compounding treatment with other antiseborrheics, the KAVI Toner should not be problematic for you, but you can determine that definitively only by first trying the product.
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