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    Hormonal Acne

    The reason(s) you breakout only on your cheeks and chin may not be easy to determine. It could be because those areas come into contact with your hands more often, resulting in a transfer of dirt and oils to the pores on your face, which in turn could lead to more breakouts. Or it could be because the pore geometry on your cheeks and chin make comedone formation and subsequent infection more likely. Or it could be something more systemic. The first steps would be to (a) monitor everything that comes into contact with those regions on your face (e.g., hands, makeup, lotions, fabrics, etc.), and ( use a toner or mild salicylic acid mask to clean out your pores and temporarily reduce/normalize pore diameter. If those steps prove unsuccessful, have a look at your diet, beginning with dairy. Animal fats, hormones, or enzymes could be triggering an allergic response in your body that is manifesting itself as the breakouts you see on your face.
  2. Yes, the KAVI Toner does help with breakouts. Its active ingredients are salicylic acid and resorcinol (an anti-inflammatory). It can serve as a mild treatment for acne, but it is more effective as a preventive measure.
  3. That does look like an appropriately gentle regimen for your skin. On days that you will be applying Salicylic Acid 8 as a peel, however, be sure to not also use it as a spot treatment in the morning. The KAVI Toner is a great pore cleanser that is mild enough for sensitive skin: you shouldn't have any issues with it. If you would, write back in a few weeks and share your results.
  4. Please review the following excerpt taken from http://www.kaviskin.com/forums/index.php/topic/689-coral-kavi-usage/page__view__findpost__p__1204: "It would be best to give your skin a two-week break. During this time, your system will flush out most of the antiseborrheics and return to a more natural state. If you are considering recommencing treatment with Coral KAVI, avoid BP and just use your hands to apply the Coral KAVI to your face. Start with once per day for one week and monitor your skin's response before considering a move to twice per day. If you do need to cleanse with something other than water when not using Coral KAVI, opt for a gentle, pH-balanced liquid cleanser (e.g., Glycolic Cleanser 10 or DermaWash)."
  5. Yes, Coral KAVI will work very well as a pre-peel prep for the skin. If you have sensitive or dry skin, however, you may find that DermaWash will be less irritating.
  6. We do not recommend use of BP, especially over the long term, as it can lead to dryness, irritation, and premature aging. One safer and far more effective option you may want to consider in place of BP would be high-concentration salicylic acid used as a spot treatment. When applied to acne lesions once per day (for two to three days), KAVI Salicylic Acid 15 can work very nicely. Use a cotton swab for better control and be sure only to apply the acid to the very tip of the lesion, being careful to avoid contact with surrounding healthy tissue.
  7. One change that you may wish to consider would be to switch use of the KAVI Salicylic Acid from a weekly peel to a daily spot treatment. After cleansing, a small dab with a cotton swab to the affected areas (be sure to not expose healthy tissue surrounding the lesion to the salicylic acid) once per day for two to three days should yield significant improvement to the recovery process. Regarding SPF30, you should use it sparingly at a dispensing rate equal to or only slightly more than what you employ for the Hyaluronic Acid 95. If you find a different rate of application to be more effective for you, you always have the option of purchasing it separately from the anti-acne systems so as to keep stock between the different products in the system more equivalent.
  8. It really depends on what your treatment goals are. The KAVI Toner is a great way to maintain pores between weekly exfoliation masks. Blackheads and acne are the most popular use cases for the Toner.
  9. Borrowing from the Coral KAVI FAQ at http://www.kaviskin.com/forums/index.php/topic/595-important-notes-on-using-coral-kavi/, The actives in Coral KAVI, sulfur and salicylic acid, are antiseptic (antibacterial, antifungal), antiseborrheic (drying), keratolytic (exfoliating), comedolytic (able to unclog pores), and pH-balancing (able to help restore the skin to its natural pH of 5.5). A product with less sulfur means it will be less drying, and for acne-prone skin that is not oily or combination, a less-drying cleanser is essential. While it is difficult to make any determinations through our forum as to the cause of your reactions, it does sound like you are experiencing similar reactions from the use of different types of stronger antiseborrheics. It would seem prudent to either explore milder anti-acne alternatives and/or reduce the frequency of use of the products in your current regimen to see if you will observe less acne formations coupled with less irritation from the treatment.
  10. If you are certain that your skin is not exhibiting symptoms of dryness (e.g., itchiness, tightness, and/or flaking), it would be helpful to determine whether your skin has a sensitivity to salicylic acid, a common ingredient in the other commercial products you have listed above as well as in Coral KAVI. Most skin types are not sensitive to the ingredient, however, it can be an allergen for some and something you should investigate. Should you determine that salicylic acid is not compatible with your skin, we make several other cleansers with sulfur only that you may find to be a suitable alternative to Coral KAVI. These include DermaWash S2 (same sulfur potency as Coral KAVI), Aqua KAVI (half the sulfur potency as Coral KAVI), DermaWash (half the sulfur potency as Coral KAVI and for sensitive skin).
  11. Coral KAVI is indicated for all forms of acne on oily or combination skin. It is a strong antiseborrheic and not recommended for concurrent use with prescription anti-acne medications unless otherwise directed by your physician. If your skin tends to be naturally dry, normal, and/or sensitive, we would advise either DermaWash or Aqua KAVI for the treatment of mild acne. Salicylic Acid 8 may be used once per week as a mask or once daily as a spot treatment for more stubborn lesions. For the treatment of blackheads, Salicylic Acid 8 (applied once or twice per week as a mask) in conjunction with the KAVI Toner (applied once per day) can be very helpful in clearing out your pores and temporarily reducing pore diameter for more consistent surface texture.
  12. Please see http://www.kaviskin.com/forums/index.php/topic/772-question-about-kavi-coral/page__view__findpost__p__1390 for a response.
  13. Yes, you can use apple cider vinegar in conjunction with Coral KAVI. What you would need to determine, however, is whether the additional breakouts are because Coral KAVI has not been enough treatment or because it has been too much. The easiest way to see whether you need to increase or decrease treatment is to check for dryness. If your skin has been feeling tight, irritated, and/or inflamed, it is likely you have been overtreating your skin with antiseborrheics. Consequently, a common reaction can be an immune response leading to a rash of whiteheads or even a cluster of large cysts deep under the skin. If you find that you need to reduce treatment, you can step down to a milder anti-acne cleanser, such as one of the following (listed below, strongest first): DermaWash S2 Aqua KAVI DermaWash If you find you need to increase treatment, and the vinegar is not enough, have a look at the following: KAVI Toner Salicylic Acid 8 or 15 (to be used either as a peel or spot treatment)
  14. Please have a look at http://www.kaviskin.com/forums/index.php/topic/730-questions-about-starting-kavi-products/page__view__findpost__p__1384 (posts #7 and #8).
  15. Because Coral KAVI is a stronger antiseborrheic, it really depends on how oily your skin tends to be. For oily or combination skin, Coral KAVI would be a better choice. If you are looking for something stronger than DermaWash but less drying than Coral KAVI, have a look at DermaWash S2.
  16. We would be happy to exchange Glycolic Acid 30 for Glycolic Acid 40 for you, however there is another option available to you too. Because our retail glycolic acid strengths can be mixed with each other at home to customize the concentration, you may also consider purchasing our strongest retail product, such as Glycolic Acid 60, and together with Glycolic Acid 30, prepare your own strengths. Here are some examples of what you can do: 2 parts Glycolic Acid 30 and 1 part Glycolic Acid 60 = 40% strength. 1 part Glycolic Acid 30 and 1 part Glycolic Acid 60 = 45% strength. 1 part Glycolic Acid 30 and 2 parts Glycolic Acid 60 = 50% strength. Solutions can be prepared on a clean surface. A contact lens holder is ideal for one-use preparations. Of course, you would not want to use the lens holder for your lenses unless the holder were thoroughly cleaned of any residual acid. If you would still prefer to obtain a 40% strength from us, send us an email at support@kaviskin.com and we will issue an RMA for the exchange.
  17. Your skin is in fact peeling and the exfoliated matter may be observed in the post-peel rinse. You certainly should not expect a peel akin to a moderate sunburn, which would indicate that the strength you are using is too strong for your skin. Peels should be applied once per week, and results are typically the most noticeable the morning after a peel. Skin should appear smoother and more consistent in texture as early as after the first peel. Improvements to tone (age spots, etc.) may take as long as ten to twelve weeks. There are a number of posts on our forum with similar questions. You can search for the word “peeling” to be taken to the search results.
  18. Yes, KAVI SPF30 can be and is often used as a day and evening moisturizer.
  19. While undergoing treatment with KAVI Salicylic Acid, protecting your skin from the sun is important every day, not just on days when you administer a peel. The skin that you are exfoliating, while contributing to your acne problem and to uneven tone and texture, is a form of protection from the sun that underlying living tissue depends on. Since it is being removed, it needs to be replaced with an equivalent or better form of protection. KAVI SPF30 can provide that protection, and because it is non-comedogenic, it is excellent for skin with problem pores (SPF30 will not clog pores, leave you feeling greasy, or otherwise contribute to new acne formation).
  20. There are a number of products which can help you with your skin condition. Option 1: Enhanced Retinol 0.30% and Coral KAVI. Retinol will help with excess oil, clogged pores (including blackheads and whiteheads), and uneven texture and tone. Coral KAVI will help with excess oil, whiteheads, blackheads, and acne infections. Option 2 (stronger): Salicylic Acid 8 or 15 and Coral KAVI. A salicylic acid exfoliation mask will help with excess oil, clogged pores, and it will reduce pore diameter to give your skin a more consistent look. Option 1 is better suited for sensitive skin, and the Enhanced Retinol will also provide you with anti-aging benefits.
  21. For accelerating recovery of a post-infection site, glycolic acid would be better. If you are experiencing chronic infections over a given area of skin, then salicylic acid would be better. Both peels are keratolytic (meaning they will exfoliate your skin), however the former acid also has regenerative attributes that help skin rebuild faster, while the latter has comedolytic attributes that help keep pores clear, tight, and free of acne.
  22. We recommend using the KAVI Toner only once daily in the evening to avoid drying out the skin. If you are using a mild, non-medicated cleanser and you feel that your skin is not drying out from your regimen (which would include twice daily use of the Toner), then there would be no other cause for reservation.
  23. That is correct, however, SPF30 may be applied as needed. If you find that your skin is not drying out, then SPF30 need only be applied to skin that is undergoing treatment with Salicylic Acid 8 and is expected to be exposed to the sun.
  24. Aqua and Coral KAVI are antiseborrheics and can dry out your skin (especially so with the latter), therefore care is required to maintain skin hydration through a combination of balanced application and adjunctive moisturization. The optimal KAVI products for the treatment of blackheads and blocked pores are Salicylic Acid 8/15 and/or the Toner. These products do also help with acne, and you may find that the use of a medicated anti-acne cleanser (such as Aqua or Coral KAVI) may be excessive for your mild to moderate acne condition (particularly since you are also drying out so much). A milder, non-comedogenic cleanser, such as the Glycolic Cleanser 10, will do an excellent job of cleansing your skin without leading to dryness or clogged pores. One option you may wish to consider would be to apply Salicylic Acid 8 twice per week and the Toner once per evening. This regimen should help keep your pores clear throughout the week without causing too much dryness. An appropriate moisturizer (e.g., Hyaluronic Acid 95) will help counter the antiseborrheic effects of Salicylic Acid 8 and the Toner. Do keep in mind that these products will not likely cure your blackheads but rather will help contain the problem. There may be no permanent solution to correcting your pores' propensity to form blackheads, however your dermatologist would be the best person with whom to discuss that matter.
  25. There are a number of posts on our forum with similar questions. You can search for the word “peeling” to be taken to the search results.
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