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  1. Thanks for the response. For some reason, glycolic acid has always made my face extremely oily, regardless of the product or manufacturer. Maybe a case of exfoliating too much or too often? My face does appear a bit dry after using Coral Kavi, but not to the point where it's uncomfortable (it doesn't feel tight or anything). And the dryness seems to go away fairly quickly anyway. Since Coral Kavi does keep me from being oily, I'd prefer to continue using that twice a day, and then adding perhaps your Glycolic Serum or the glycolic acid cream I was talking about earlier afterwards at night. I know you can't comment on other products, but is glycolic acid in general safe to use after Coral Kavi? I just want to make sure it won't make me break out or be too irritating, considering the luck I've been having so far just using Coral Kavi alone. Thanks!
  2. Hey there, First, let me start off by saying that I started using Coral Kavi about one and a half months ago, to treat pretty mild acne and excessive oil. The excessive oil was undoubtedly caused by a glycolic acid cream (from Acne.org), which, aside from making me very oily the following day, did wonders for clearing my skin of debris and making my overall complexion better. Ultimately I chose to stop using it, as the resulting oil was just too much...and it wasn't terribly effective at treating these very small whiteheads I would get near my nose. I should also mention that I was on Oracea (40 mg doxycycline) back then, just as something I thought was treating inflammation, but now I realize wasn't that effective either. So currently I'm just using the Coral Kavi bar morning and night, and that's it. No moisturizers or anything else. For the most part it's been working pretty well; I haven't had any inflamed acne, it's completely controlled my oil, and the miniscule whiteheads I was getting around my nose have subsided entirely. I have gotten a couple of blemishes on my cheek which I don't normally get, but it's hard to tell whether they are/were even acne. They aren't inflamed, and generally they haven't developed further than just a slightly raised mark. Perhaps I'm washing for too long and it's drying me out? Being multiracial, I still have pigmentation left over from acne that has long since disappeared, so I'm wondering if I should, or what the best way would be to incorporate the same glycolic acid cream mentioned above, with Coral Kavi. Would it be too irritating to put on the glycolic acid cream after washing with the bar at night? Is it a bad idea to use the cream at all? Would Coral Kavi control the oil the following day? I could probably get by just using Coral Kavi and letting time take care of the uneven complexion, but I kind of miss how exfoliating the glycolic acid was. Thanks for any response! Mike
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