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  1. Ok so I received my kavi system today and used the acid peel thing... With in a few seconds it buuuurned but only on my cheeks. My skin feels way better / smoother though since using it. Should I try to go down to the 8? Or will my skin just form a resistance to this over time after getting used to it.
  2. I just odered the kavi oily/combination system IV but now I'm worried maybe it will be too strong? My acne started around age 20 and got way worse when I got pregnant at 23/24 now I'm 26 and the acne has gotten better since I was pregnant but is still there. I have combo skin, dry cheeks and oily nose and forehead. As for acne my cheeks have a ton of little bumps which I assume is my KP that came back (i haven't had kp on my cheeks since I was little, but have always had it on my arms and thighs). I get white heads on my jawline and neck. A little bit of small pimples on my forehead. And black heads on my nose and chin. As well as some sort of small pimples around my mouth. I just want to make sure I'm not going to screw up my face even more by using the system IV from drying etc.
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