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  1. Well I started to use the coral kavi only once a day and while skin is dry to the point of flaking anymore, I seem to have started developing small red bumps that I do not believe are acne cysts. It seems everything is looking downhill now, and I am wondering if I should have gotten the aqua kavi instead. Originally I thought my skin was a type normal/dry, so I questioned using the coral, but only the coral kavi is described to treat acne cysts. I would consider my acne pretty mild so do you think I made the wrong choice? I really liked the coral kavi at first, but it seems that things are just getting worse.



  2. My skin has started to shed the past couple of days since I started only using Coral once a day, and I assume this is a good sign that my skin is recovering to a healthier state, as when I first switched to Coral this also happened. In addition, last time it shed like this it was in a great state for the next month. So do you recommend that I keep this regimen of washing with Coral once a day without toner? Or do you believe that I should still use the toner? In one of your FAQ's it says that a bunch of small bumps is a sign of overly dry skin, which I definitely developed when I was using Coral twice a day, but on one of your other questions it says that toner is used to clear bumps and clogged skin. Wouldn't the toner make my skin drier as you said in your response?



  3. The Toner is a final-stage cleanser, so the order would be Coral KAVI, Toner, then moisturizer.


    Hello, I've noticed that since user the toner my acne has increased by quite a bit. The original reason I got the toner is because I noticed that my results with the Kavi Coral + weekly salicylic peel were diminishing. The first month I had used them I had quite good results, but I slowly noticed that my acne was coming back and my skin was getting much drier.


    So I ask now, should I continue using the toner? I am thinking that the reason I am having negative results is due to the toner drying out my already overly dry skin. So I plan to cut the toner and only use kavi coral once a day. Do you think that I should just stop using all kavi products for a while, or just reduce usage of coral and remit the toner?



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