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  1. One more question What strength on the glycholic and salicylic masks would I try?
  2. Thank you for a quick response! So.... I was thinking: Coral Kavi on arms in shower daily Glycolic mask on even Sundays Salicylic mask on odd Sundays Some sort of moisturizer daily. Would you say Glycolipidic Moisturizer or probably SPF 50 since my daughter is starting softball and will be in sun wearing sleeveless shirts almost daily. or is SPF 30 enough daily and then add additional sunscreen when in sun? Thanks so much! again
  3. My daughter and I also have Keratosis Polaris. Doctor diagnosed but she doesn't know what to prescribe. It is located on our upper arms. I have reddness with mine also. From what I've been reading a combo of sulfur, glycolic acid, and salacylic acid is a good choice. Usually one of these work. I purchased and over the counter moisturizer with 12% glycolic acid and a 1% salicylic acid serum and mixed them together. It seems to be helping some but would like to try stronger percentages. Is it ok to mix these? and using your products, is there a way to mix them into a lotion(like) that we could apply at night and leave on while sleeping? Thank you in advance so much for your help!
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