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    Hi I have been using the coral Kavi bar for 5 days now, two times a day and some times three times a day. It has helped the cystic acne a little bit but I get two or three white heads on my face, also when I wash my face it gets itchy for an hour. From using it so far I got a feeling that Coral helps the recovery process but it is not a cure, since I get new cysts on my face, maybe I need to wait more to see the result, I don't know! I have an oily skin, especially my nose and the cheeks close to my nose from my mouth to beneath my eyes , I get cysts mostly on my cheeks close to my nose, some times on the nose, back of my head when my hair is short and back and chest pretty rarely. I am white and I have a pretty thick hair, my face is always red and inflamed, when I am taking a shower I can see a huge contrast between my face and body. Anyways, I have tried many things so far (I am male 25) and am still looking for an answer, If you have any suggestions for me, please let me know what that is and also about the risks of using the products as well as Coral Kavi in long run. Thank you very much, I hope this is the last time I am looking for an acne cure! Dana
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