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  1. Hey CRB4, wanted to start by saying that I am guessing that you were using proactiv one day then switched to kavi the next. I probably went off proactiv for about a week and just used a mild cleanser- neutrogena. I understand that you can't do absolutely nothing. However, you skin is over-treated from using proactiv. BP is very harsh on skin and your skin needs a bit of a break before you start treating with new products. This is my suggestion, try only washing with the Coral Kavi morning and night and moisturizing with the Moisturize with Hyaluronic Acid 95 after cleansing. Try only using these 2 products for 2 weeks then begin gradually introducing 1 new product at a time, maybe start with the toner, then the next week a peel? Let me know what works for you! I hope this helps!
  2. I have to begin by saying KAVI is wonderful! I am a 25 year old female that has had problems with mild to moderate acne and oily skin since I was 15. In my teens I went to the dermatologist and was given prescriptions for a benzyl-peroxide wash and tazorac. I these products helped my skin but did not cure it, I thought I am a teenager, this is normal. When I was 20 and still having the same problems with my skin I decided to try proactive – it worked, my skin was clear for the first time but then I got these dry patches. After about 3 years the dry patches got bigger and my skin would still break out occasionally. It seemed that proactiv worked better in the beginning but then it stopped working. So I tried something else, Kiehls for oily skin. My face broke out horribly! (I now know that it was probably because my skin was over dry and over-treated from being on proactive for so long) I then tried a few other products, Aveeno, Neutrogena, then back to proactive; all in the hopes of getting my skin clear again but with no results. Thanksgiving of last year I went on a trip and the place I stayed at had a very high sulfur content in the water, you turned the shower on and it swelled like rotten eggs. Anyway, my skin loved it! I was there for a week and had zero breakouts (I also happened to forget my proactive and was only washing with a mild soap). I also knew that the proacvtiv sulfur mask had worked well on my skin. So I quit the proactive and went on a Google search for sulfur skincare products; I found Kavi. I ordered the Anti-Acne Systems for Oily or Combination Skin, System III, $140 and two days later I began using Kavi. It has been 12 weeks and my skin is beautiful! All of my papules and pustules are healed, my blackheads and whiteheads are on their way out, and my skin is radiant! So these are the products I use, I ended up buying more than just System III: Morning: Wash with Coral Kavi Treat any problem spots with Kavi Complex P (this has BP and can dry your skin, use sparingly) Moisturize with Hyaluronic Acid 95 or if going outside with SPF 30 (my skin seems to get oily if I use both so I just pick one) Then apply make-up, I use bare minerals and it doesn’t irritate my skin and keeps it glowing not oily Evening: Wash with Coral Kavi in the shower (I break out on my back before my period so I also wash my back) Get extra clean with the toner Apply Salicylic Acid 8 once/twice per week: 1st week: 30 seconds 2nd week: 60 seconds 3rd – 9th week: 90 seconds 10th -11th week: twice per week Mondays and Thursdays for 90 seconds 12th week: let skin rest Moisturize with Hyaluronic Acid 95 Treat any problem spots with Kavi Organic Sulfur Suspension (you have to glob it on and it stays yellow so only use at night, works well and not too drying) Spending $150-$200 for skincare may seem like a lot. But it is well worth it for results. The products last quite a while too. I am still on my first bar of soap, about ½ way through the toner, haven’t made a dent in any of the others and just reordered the moisturizer.
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