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  1. Okay, So I have been using Salicylic Acid 15% for the past few months & it has been getting rid of most, if not all, of my pimples (cysts, etc.); I would like my skin's texture to look smoother, healthier, and at the moment I have some minor acne scarring (minor bump's on nose, red spot's on cheeks, minor scar's on cheeks, etc.) Should my next peel be a Glycolic Acid peel? and at what strength would you recommend? Would you recommend any other product's to help my skin look smoother? Thank you!
  2. I believe I figured out what it was, I think my skin was "sun burned", I noticed this when the skin on my chin (and around my chin) would peel off and it was lighter than the rest (around my cheeks). To solve this, I used the Aqua Kavi & a soft sponge, this one to be exact: ^^ I used the black side and I applied the Aqua Kavi to my face & some on the sponge, then I scrubbed gently around my cheek's & chin, the sponge seemed to remove the "dead skin" in those areas. Once I was done, my skin looked lighter, I then applied the SPF 30 and there was no more peeling! The "sun burn" must have been an error on my part. Anyway, I appreciate the help!! I have another quest. now though; Is using the sponge method (as shown above) safe to do on your skin? Gently of course.
  3. Hello, So here is my problem: During the week (Mon-Fri), I use Dermawash in the morning's then I apply some SPF 30 lotion. In the evenings, I use the Aqua Kavi, then I apply some SPF 30 lotion. I use Salicyclic Acid 15% once a week, on Saturday evening, & then I apply some SPF 30 lotion. The problem? My skin seems dry or flaky, even after applying the SPF 30 lotion, it's noticeable around my chin/mouth area (where there isn't a whole lot of acne). Sometime's I'll use more SPF 30 and that seem's to help it, but then that means I'll run out of SPF 30 faster!! lol I use approx. a nickel sized amount of SPF 30, I rub it against my hands, then apply it on my face. But I find I have to do this twice/three time's to help the dryness/flakiness. What could cause this? What product should I stop using? What product should I maybe look into purchasing? Thank You.
  4. Thank's for the response !!! Hmmm, guess I'll have to wait it out then. You mentioned doing spot treatments w/ a cotton swab <--- Going to try that !! I've been wondering if that was "safe" lol. I also understand you mentioned there was no way of accelerating the healing of red/brown spots; but will Glycolic Acid do anything?? Thank's again.
  5. Hello Kavi Support Team !!! I had suffered with Acne on my cheek's, chin, & some on my neck. I have heard of Kavi through Acne.org; began using System 3 for a couple months now & it helped for the most part. I still have some pimples on my cheek's/chin; though not as bad as it was before using the System 3. It's since run out, I currently use Salicylic Acid 15%, SPF 50, Complex P & Coral Kavi. It's gotten rid of some of my pimple's, but now I'd like to get rid of these red/brown spot's on my cheek's (grrr... ) What product's help with getting rid of these red/brown spots?? acne scars?? Please help Kavi Support Team !! I've got faith in your product's !!
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