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  1. Hi again!


    It's been about 2 weeks since I last replied, and I would like to say thank you! I stopped the application of Coral Kavi for the first week (still used the Salicylic acid 15%) and the dryness/peeling went away. This also stopped the whiteheads/cycsts from popping up.


    The 2nd week I've started using Aqua Kavi with the 30SPF moisturizer, and I am very happy! Although I still have to deal with the breakouts I got from overusing the coral, they're on their way out and the redness has decreased a lot.


    I guess the most important part is finding a combination of things that work, and thank you for recommending the moisturizer because it's perfect! It goes on nice and easy and doesn't look oily at all! (something I haven't seen in a moisturizer ever)


    My routine for anyone who looks at this:

    Aqua Kavi 2x a day

    30SPF moisturizer 2x a day

    Salicylic Acid 15% 1x a week for 90seconds. (has gotten rid of a lot of my scars!)


    Just thought I would come back to give some praise since it's working nicely. :)

  2. My skin isn't tight or really inflamed, so it might just be my acne on the rise again instead of a reaction (which is good news to me since at least it doesn't seem that KAVI is irritating it). I really like using the coral kavi since it makes my skin not look greasy the throughout the day. If they go away in a few days, I'll try using Aqua Kavi in the morning and Coral Kavi at night. Does that sound like a good combination?


    Also, I think I'll go for the kavi spf, too, especially since I'll be going on vacation and in the sun a lot! Would I use it after each cleansing (morning and night)?


    Thanks for the fast response. This way I'll be able to get it in a few days! Also, my scarring has really lifted, and I'm so excited to keep going.

  3. So I'm going on 3 weeks of using the Salicylic Acid 15% (3rd application on Monday) and have been using Coral KAVI twice a day for about a week and a half since I've read that the combination was a good once as I have oily skin and mild acne (cystic and white heads on my chin + cheeks and blackheads on my nose + forehead).


    It was working pretty well when I first started it, and I saw it made a few of my open whiteheads disappear completely within a few days. I was really happy, but the problem is that I've started getting cystic acne on my chin and whiteheads/little bumps on my forehead. I just now read that that's supposed to mean I'm drying it out too much, but what about the cystic acne part? I couldn't find that as a side-effect or anything, and it's bothering me a bit since I'm going on vacation on Wednesday. Am I irritating it too much even though my skin is oily? Should I try dropping it to once a day wash with the Coral Kavi? I don't want to stop the Salicylic Acid since I thought it was making an improvement, but I'm just not sure (especially with scarring!).


    Also, is washing your face once a day okay? It won't leave any stuff on it throughout the night/day?


    Lastly, I use this moisturizer (not kavi related) and it makes my skin look greasy after I just washed it to get the grease away, so I'm thinking of stopping it. Is there a product that I can put on to protect my face in the sun/moisturize it without looking greasy?


    Sorry for all the questions, but you all answer so quickly and are really helpful. I appreciate any response.

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