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  1. Thank you so much for your detailed reply! I know there was a lot of information to digest but I'm glad I didn't just rush into one of the systems if it is going to be too severe for my skin. Between the glycolic cleanser, sulfur suspension, salicylic peel, HA moisturizer, and SPF lotion, I have only three questions then: 1) Do I not need a toner then? I see that there is a balancing act in ph level with this regimen, so I understand that a toner would be sufficiently replaced by the treatments following cleansing, but thought I should ask anyway 2) Do I use each product on the whole face, eve
  2. While I'm really excited to try KAVI products, and planning to purchase a regimen today, I do have a few questions because, as anyone who is dealing with acne knows, it's frustrating and wallet-draining to have to try numerous regimens, so I want to make sure that when I buy KAVI products, I am getting what is most suitable for my skin type. Here is some background (sorry for all the info, but thanks in advance for your help!): Female, blonde, fair skin I would describe as slightly sensitive (I've never broken out in a rash on my face from any products I've tried, including salicylic acid
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