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  1. I am currently using Acne System IV on my severe acne - Step 1 - Kavi Coral 2x per day, Step 2 - Toner in the evenings (sometimes in the mornings, too), Step 3 - Hyaluronic Acid 95 2x per day, Step 4 - SPF 30 2x per day. Once a week I use the Salicylic Acid 15 after Step 1. I recently purchased the Organic Sulfur, and my question is, where do I squeeze this in to the routine?
  2. Thanks! That helps. Can the Complex P be used with this regimen, or would that risk irritation?
  3. I am having the same issue, only with the 15% peel. My skin looks great for a couple of days after, but then goes back to the way it was before the week is over. Can I do a 15% peel twice per week? I am currently using System IV exactly as directed. I am also wondering about a couple of other products - Complex P and Organic Sulfer Suspension. Is it okay to add those to the Acne IV system, and if so, in what order would I apply the products. I am dealing with severe acne all over my face and neck. I've had it for 19 years and gave up on dermatologists. Please help!
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