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  1. I have been using the glycolic 10 wash daily + moisturizer (morning) with great results. I use a great basic cleanser before moisturizer/tazorac gel at night and I don't have any active acne and if I do manifest a pimple, it is so small and never more than one, maybe two. I do have an issue dealing with the light marks left behind. There are not too many but it is definitely enough to raise an eyebrow on my end. I am looking into doing mas/peel because, in the past, I went to an esthetician for glycolic acid peels which helped a lot. I cannot afford those procedures but I am curious about the options offered by Kavi. I was originally going to go for a low glycolic % mask weekly but a chart on the site seemed to point an arrow at salicylic masks for my needs. For acne marks and semi uneven texture, do I use glycolic or salicylic acid?
  2. Do you recommend using a toner after washing, before moisturizing, with the Glycolic 10 cleanser?
  3. I find it very alarming that some of your products contain sulfates that have been scientifically proven to irritate facial skin with continued use (especially if these products are meant to be used consistently). Can someone help me understand why your products contain these things?
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    If I use BP/Taz at night can I wash in the morning with Aqua Kavi without irritation? I am looking for an effective, mild cleanser for mornings before moisturizing with sunscreen.
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    Hey everyone. I have heard great things about the systems but need to know a few things. First of all, I am interested in getting system 2. My question is, if I am using BP wash and Tazorac at nighttime, will that combination interact with the Kavi system if used in the morning? Thanks for any help.
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