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  1. I am contemplating trying Kavi products after reading some reviews. I am 42 years old, blonde with fair, senstitive skin. I suffer from occasional breakouts, maybe one or 2 pimples every few weeks (but they take a long time to disappear), and have some issues with blackheads around my nose and bumps (whiteheads?) on my forehead. I have enlarged pores, and my skin tone and texture is uneven. I would say my skin is "normal" - it may veer more towards dry than oily. I have had some success lately using cleansers with the Olay Pro-X brush on my face in keeping my pores clean (but they are still enlarged). After looking at your site, I thought the Anti Acne System for Normal/Dry Skin might be appropriate, but I certainly do not suffer from severe acne. I was looking at System II but wasn't sure if the E. Retinol would be better than the Salicylic Acid 8 for my skin type. I also wants sure if one of the cleansing bars would be more suitable, or of I should try the Glycolic Cleanser or DermaWash. My goal is better skin texture, and clean, minmized pores. Thank you!
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