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  1. Hey guys, I noticed that the support on this forum has been great from the Kavi team, so I was hoping someone could help me with a few quick questions. I'm currently on Daniel Kern's regimen from Acne.org, which mainly consists of a BP 2.5% gel that I use once a day. It's supposed to be used twice a day but I don't like sweating with BP on in the morning, as it does bleach clothes, so I only use it at night currently. 1. Would it be effective to use Coral Kavi in the morning and then the BP treatment at night? 2. I read here that people are transitioning to Coral Kavi because BP has premature aging effects. If I switch to Coral Kavi, is the two week break from treatment necessary?(I break out pretty fast without treatment) 3. When switching to Coral Kavi permanently, what effect would stopping treatment have? I know Coral Kavi makes your skin very dry with 1-2 washes a day. If you use it for awhile then discontinue use, will your skin go back to normal function or would there most likely be after effects like excess oil production? Thanks!
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