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  1. I have horrendous, persistent blackheads / blocked pores and mild / moderate acne. I bought the coral and aqua bars and salicylic acid peel 15%, 6 weeks ago. The coral soap felt great when I first washed with it, but it did seem to make my spots much worse and my skin overly dry so I stopped using it. The aqua one seemed to irritate my skin the same, so I am wondering if its the sulphur my skin doesn't like? I am however very bad at not moisturising and wonder if this could be what I am doing wrong? My skin does sometimes get flaky and dry but I just hate moisturiser, it always makes me spotty, non pore blocking or not. The peel however doesn't upset my skin at all and feels great. In fact I always feel like I could leave it on longer, it doesn't sting much or make me go red. My face feels great for two days and then it reverts back. I have done 6 peels now but I still have blocked pores and my neck area is really spotty. I was wondering whether to buy the toner, moisturiser and spf30. Can you please make a regimen suggestion for me?
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