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  1. Thank you for the swift response. I do not use any other products on my skin other than the Kavi ones. Any advice on how i would go about getting to the root cause of my acne? I have been to a General Practitioner many times who seem to know little about it and have prescribed me products like Differin, Tetralysal and Durac gel. My acne is not too severe but i do get cystic acne on my back but never on my face.
  2. Not much improvement but no flakiness or tightness either. I bought it for oily combination skin. Is there nothing i can get to accelerate the healing process if it is said bruising?
  3. I have purchased acne System III and have been using it diligently for about a month. Following instructions to a T. My only deviation is my skin (Strangely enough as it usually seemed quite sensitive when using sebhoric gels e.g differin) does not seem to suffer too much peeling when using the Salicylic Acid 8 so i have upped it to twice a week with no ill effects that I can think of. Although the system is doing a great job of removing old, ingrained blackheads around my nose I still seem to frequently break out most around my mouth and jawline, also my neck and back. I was wondering should i be seeing results after this amount of time or should I wait longer before coming to any conclusions about my regime? Although the system seems to remove the whiteheads on the spot the redness persists for quite a while afterwards. Any detailed advice would be appreciated and if more details are needed please ask.
  4. I am currently suffering from mild acne mostly based on the jaw and mouth area of my face. I am on a prescription of both Tetracycline and Differin Gel, I have been taking both for about a year now and it is hard to gauge results as i can go two weeks without any acne and break out badly all of a sudden. I am considering purchasing KAVI Coral and the KAVI Salicylic Acid 8. I am wondering how I should approach using these products alongside my prescription (I am contemplating dropping the use of Differin due to lack of results). Also i have quite large pores on my nose which make them very susceptible to blackheads some of which are very deep, so deep in fact that i am afraid of attempting to remove them for fear of permanently damagin the skin, would you're products help remove both the deep blackheads and prevent future ones? I appreciate your response.
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