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Colloidal sulfur soap

Guest JM

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I see on your site you offer a 2% colloidal sulfur bar soap and claim it is the same strength as the 10% precipitated sulfur soaps.


I was just wondering if you could explain the difference between the two, and if there are any advantages to colloidal sulfur.

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The primary difference between colloidal and precipitated sulfur is molecular size.. Colloidal sulfur is significantly smaller than precipitated sulfur and is more easily absorbed into the skin.


We have done extensive tests with both types of sulfur and have found that a 2% colloidal solution is equivalently effective to a 10% precipitated solution.


Though colloidal sulfur is significantly more expensive to prepare than precipitated sulfur, we opt to use it because a lesser percentage of sulfur in the final product means a better olfactory experience for the user. 10% precipitated solutions need to use heavy amounts of perfume to mask the smell, and even still the sulfur is overpowering for some people.

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