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I have extremely clogged pores. Which type of peel do you feel will clean pores out better, glycolic or salicylic acid? I do not have acne or blackheads, just very oily skin with extremely clogged pores..thank you

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Salicylic acid dissolves comedones (the "pore corks" that are made of sebum and cellular debris), neutralizes bacteria, and exfoliates dead skin.


Glycolic acid will help slow the onset of premature aging. In addition to accelerating the regeneration of healthy skin, regular application will help lift wrinkles and age spots.


Keeping pores clear requires a comprehensive pore maintenance program that begins with non-comedogenic, pore-penetrating skin products like those in the KAVI 3-Step Pore Maintenance System.


More severe cases of clogged pores may require weekly exfoliation with KAVI Salicylic Acid 8 to keep the level of sebum and cellular debris within manageable levels on the skin's surface. Regular use of Salicylic Acid 8 will also reduce pore diameter which in turn will reduce the size and probability of comedone formation within pores.

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