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Age/Sun Spots

Guest LH

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What products do you think I should try first?


I am in my 40's.

My skin has gotten drier over the years.

I have a few "age spots"... I guess from being exposed to too much sun in my earlier days.

And of course, the wrinkles are showing up.


I would appreciate your suggestions.

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There are three repair products to consider when building an effective anti-wrinkle skin care regimen, and the choice depends on skin sensitivity and other treatment goals. Listed from gentlest to strongest, these products are Complex C, Enhanced Retinol 0.30%, and the KAVI Glycolic Acid skin exfoliation masks. Depending on the stage of their development, age spots may require a stronger product (Glycolic Acid 30 or greater).


Choosing a repair product along with a maintenance serum and moisturizer would provide the right set of products for a well-rounded anti-wrinkle treatment plan. KAVI Anti-Aging Systems take a similar approach, complementing a repair product with an appropriate cleanser, maintenance serum, and moisturizer. KAVI Anti-Aging Systems are grouped by skin type and may be found at http://www.kaviskin.com/search.php?mode=se...n&by_sku=on.

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