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alpha-beta peel?

Guest hils

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I'm interested in the benefits of using a salycylic peel (beta) and then a glycolic peel (alpha) to get the benefits from both peels. I have mild adult acne (blackheads, white heads and some acne flare ups) and actually used Accutane as a teenager (0ver 10 years ago) twice to help clear acne. Since I have some pitting (which I know can't be resolved with peeling) some mild acne scaring and skin pigmentation from acne, I've heard that alpha-beta peels can be very effective in improving skin condition.


Starting with a mild salycilic acid and glycolic peel (8% and 20 or 30% respectively) how do you use these peels in conjunction? what is the timing for weekly peels and with what peeling agent?

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Glycolic acid and salicylic acid masks in low-pH preparations (pH<3.0) provide unique benefits to the skin. While both provide keratolysis (exfoliation of dead skin cells, cellular debris, and damaged surface layers of the epidermis), much of the similarity ends there.


Glycolic acid accelerates cellular regeneration and repair of the collagen-elastin matrix, slowing the onset of premature aging and restoring the skin's natural cell structure.


Salicylic acid is highly effective in restoring damaged pores, neutralizing acne infections, cleaning out dirt and debris, and reducing pore diameter for more consistent texture across the surface of the skin.


To obtain the benefits of both peels safely and with minimal irritation, it would be best to alternate application of each between weeks. In other words, you can choose to apply glycolic acid once on every odd week, and salicylic acid once on every even week.


To maintain results between peels, you may consider our moisturizing Glycolic Serum (available in 15% and 30% strengths) and Toner (made with salicylic acid), both of which can be applied daily.

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