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I am a new customer trying the anti-aging products and so far I love them! I am wanting to try the anti-acne products for my 14 year old daughter. She has had severe acne for 3 1/2 years and has used every prescription available except Accutane (according to her Dermatologist). Her Dermatologist has recommended Accutane as our next step; however, with the potential side effects I am reluctant. She has severe constant pustules, black and white heads, some cysts and constant redness over the cheeks and forehead. Her skin type is oily. I am willing to give your products a chance if you think they might be of some benefit. Please advise me of what products she would need to get started and how to use each. Again, her acne is very severe. Thank you.

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We’re very sorry to hear about your daughter’s skin condition, however we think we can help. As it appears her acne has progressed significantly over the past 3½ years, treatment may take 2 months or longer to show significant results. The following are a list of products to consider for treating your daughter’s acne:


Coral KAVI – Cleanse once or twice per day. Use as a replacement to your existing cleanser. Do not use any other soap products on the skin.


Organic Sulfur Suspension – Apply once per day or once every other day. This product is a very strong antiseborrheic (dries the skin) but is highly effective in reducing acne populations on the skin. Use with care and monitor the skin regularly for dryness. This product may leave a light white film on the skin, so it may be best to apply it after school and wash off any remaining residue in the evening before sleep.


Salicylic Acid 8 or 15 – Apply once per week. Start with Salicylic Acid 8 and follow all instructions closely. Will eliminate acne bacteria on the surface of skin and will also clear clogged pores and help neutralize acne infections within.


KAVI Laundry Cleanser – pH-neutral laundry cleanser. Detergents like Tide, All, and others are very alkaline and do not completely rinse off clothing. Alkalinity in clothes and bed sheets raises pH level of skin, reducing body’s own ability to keep acne bacterial growth low.


We do make other products for acne, but the above should be sufficient for a preliminary anti-acne treatment plan. Monitor your daughter’s skin for dryness and reduce use of the above products (except for the laundry cleanser) if you observe flaking or tightness in the skin. Remember to hydrate with a non-comedogenic moisturizer (such as KAVI SPF30 or Hyaluronic Acid 95).

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