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Mineral make-up

Guest debbie

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Guest debbie


Do you recommend any type of make-up?


I use both Bare Escentuals mineral make-up and Sheer Cover mineral make-up. I do not use any type of cover-up but still suffer from blackheads. Both of these products profess to be good for skin as opposed to liquid make-up.


Also, I just placed an order from your company so I am hoping your products will help eliminate my skin congestion.



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While there aren't any specific brands of makeup that we endorse, there are a number of products out there that are pore-friendly for a greater majority of skin types. As a general rule, test any make-up product you are evaluating in isolation to determine its comedogenicity on your skin. If the makeup does not clog your pores while on your skin nor after you have attempted to remove it, the next test step would be to determine its effect when used in combination with any other products you have already placed on your "safe list" following successful completion of the two-step test process outlined above.

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All mineral makeup is not glowy. I wonder where you got that impression? There are many brands that boast (and deliver) matte finishes.


I have had skin so oily; Exxon/Mobile was making me offers. And yet, I've worn mineral makeup for decades. Now, at 53, my skin is normal. I wear mineral makeup some days. Some days liquid. Some days none.


There are many great MMU companies. It is VERY subjective and you should just keep trying till you find your brand. That's what the samples are for. However, you will be most pleased, I bet, with those that have Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide before Mica in the ingredients list. Be aware Kaolin Clay is absorbing (good), too. More so than either rice powder or silk or pearl powders. Calcium carbonate is very absorbing, too. Also called "marble dust," it is chalk. Magnesium Stearate and Boron Nitride are additives that may irritate your skin, but they add great "slip" to the mix. And avoid Bismuth Ox chloride, which is the Bare Essentials glow. It's best to just avoid it in all products. Mica can be either glowy or matte. Sere cite is Mica. And Silica absorbs.


Do your research, and then find the ingredient list that has what you want. You probably do not want Vitamin E, like some have.


My favorite minerals, personally, were made by two companies, both of which went out of business -- for personal reasons, not because of the product. Now, I would recommend Jenulence Minerals (around a looong time, and great balance of ingredients for oily skin. And wears like iron. Really. Not trendy at all. Just Great Stuff.) And Monistat Anti Chafing gel as primer -- very little is needed.


I've experimented and tried dozens of brands over the years, just out of curiosity. All mineral makeup is NOT created equal. By a long shot. And it's not all "glowy." Coverage, finish, color ranges, and endurance vary a great deal.

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