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Guest Robin

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I was doing research on the FDA website that says a salon professional is recommended to use a glycolic peel between 20% and 30% with a pH no lower than 3.0. Is this regulation? If so can your products only be purchased and used by physicians?

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The guidelines you've referenced sound very similar to those drafted by the Cosmetic Ingredient Review Panel in a 1997 publication (the CIR is not affiliated with the FDA nor any other government agency). Their guidelines have been used by manufacturers to establish a demarcation line between a consumer-based cosmetic and a professional peel. In their report, the CIRP states that if a product contains greater than 30% glycolic acid in solution at a pH lower than 3.0, it is only safe for use as a peel and is not to be left on the skin indefinitely. They also recommend that peels only be administered by professionals with the appropriate training. All of KAVI's peels are intended for professional use, however only our unbuffered glycolic acid peels are restricted to physicians' offices.

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