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Perioral Dermititis

Guest Janet

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I have been diagnosed with perioral dermititis. It is not very noticable now but every 4-5 days I get the usual redness, bumps, flaking etc. I was going to try one of your sulfur products on it like the blue kavi cleansing bar. Would you recommend this? I use nothing to clean my face except water-I was told to do this. When my chin and lip area get red I use tetracycline 200 mg only 1 a day. It goes away but I do not like the use of anitbotics. I thought that sulfer would help. Thank you-

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While water is certainly better for perioral dermatitis than a traditional soap, KAVI cleansers may in fact provide you with an effective treatment instead of a mere assurance that symptoms will not be aggravated.


The sulfur-based cleansers to consider would be DermaWash, Aqua KAVI, and Coral KAVI, listed in order of increasing strength. DermaWash is a liquid-based cleanser ideally suited for sensitive, allergic skin. Coral KAVI is our strongest sulfur cleansing bar, best for oily, acne-prone skin.


Though there is no guarantee our cleansers can replace antibiotic treatment for you, it would be a worthwhile exploration. Please let us know your results if you trial one of the above cleansers.

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I have had perioral dermatitis not active now but my pores look raised and the oil dries in them and flakes out. I am using the aqua kavi bar and love it. What can I use to eliminate these raised pores? Nothing is in them-every pore is a bump. thanks Janet

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Great to hear you are enjoying Aqua KAVI. It is a great product! As for the bumps in your pores, we would have to advise you to obtain a medical opinion from your physician to get a proper diagnosis, but if they are what you say they are, it sounds like they may be what are known as “milia”. These aren’t particularly easy to get rid of and require some patience. The best product we have for milia are salicylic acid masks (also known as salicylic acid peels). We make several strengths ranging from 8% to 35%, but we would recommend choosing between an 8%, 15%, or 25% strength. If your skin is typically oily, it will likely tolerate a greater strength. Fair, dry, or sensitive skin may not be able to take more than 8% without inflammation.


For maintaining clear pores between weekly application of salicylic acid masks, you may wish to look into moving from Aqua KAVI to Coral KAVI, which is made with the same base as Aqua KAVI, but contains twice as much sulfur and 3% salicylic acid. The KAVI Toner can also be used once per evening as a final-stage pore cleanser. If your skin is on the dry side, you may wish to remain with Aqua KAVI but add the Toner.


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