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Large, clogged pores

Guest Howard

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I thought I'd ask before I invest. I have large pores-some of them clogged with sebum in myT-zone. My skin is very oily, but can dry out quickly and get flaky with the wrong products. I also get what look like, tiny subtle bumps under my skin.Some of the bumps seem to diminish if I use a sulphur product on them . I was using Pernox scrub, but just applying it and letting it sit for a few minutes, not using it to scrub. I used it because it has sulphur.(BTW, I'm M 57 yo). I really like the look of your site, and I enjoyed reading the answers that were given in the forum. They were very thoughtfully worded and informative. I've been using a Clarison face brush recently, and I like the result. but I think I need to get a better cleansing product to use it with.

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Thank you for your compliments on the forum. While we cannot provide any medical advice and must refer you to your physician for a diagnosis, it sounds from your description like you may have seborrheic dermatitis. Common symptoms are oily skin and flaking.


We make several products that have been very successful in managing the symptoms of seborrheic dermatitis. To start, you may wish to begin with a subset of these products to gauge your skin’s response. We would recommend the following initial skin maintenance routine:


Cleanse twice per day with Coral KAVI, a cleansing bar made with sulfur and salicylic acid.

Exfoliate once per week with Salicylic Acid 8 or 15 to clear pores and minimize flaking of the skin throughout the week.


The tiny bumps you write about could be milia (hardened comedones made from sebum and cellular debris). Milia are usually difficult to extract, however regular exfoliation with salicylic acid may help over time (but will certainly help reduce the rate of new milia formation).


If you find that you need additional treatment, the KAVI Organic Sulfur Suspension may help, although excessive use may dry out the skin. If you do decide to also try the Organic Sulfur Suspension, we would recommend limiting its application initially to twice per week, monitoring your skin for dryness.


Alternatively, KAVI Toner can be used in the evenings as a final-stage cleanser. It is made with salicylic acid and can help maintain clean pores between exfoliation sessions. It is far less drying than the Organic Sulfur Suspension and may be a suitable alternative for sensitive skin.


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