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Guest Sally

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Hi Please could you advise me of the best treatment for Keratosis Pilaris which is on the back of my arms and thighs. Also would like to improve the skin on my face it is generally normal but some clogging blackheads on nose and slight scarring on forehead. Also do you ship to the UK and what is the cost? if not do you have anywhere I can buy this in the UK? thank Sally

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The best treatment available by KAVI for the treatment of KP would be a glycolic acid exfoliation mask. For the arms and thighs, where skin is generally thicker and more resilient, we would advise beginning with a stronger concentration, such as Glycolic Acid 50 or 60.


For the treatment of blackheads on facial skin, a salicylic acid mask would be best, probably Salicylic Acid 8. You may additionally wish to use KAVI Toner once per evening to maintain results between weekly peels with Salicylic Acid 8.


For light scarring, you would want to consider a glycolic acid mask, but one no stronger than 30% or 40% on the face.


We do sell to many customers in the UK. Shipping costs are determined by weight, and typically are around $35 for 1 to 2 pounds. The online shopping cart system will calculate your shipping costs during checkout, so you may evaluate them before placing your order.

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Thanks, is the Glycolic acid used as it is, or do you mix it wilth something? I am just wondering how long it will last for / how often I should use it on my arms and legs. Is it a weekly or daily treatment?

Also how do you post the items? sometimes I have order from the States and get a fee from customs so wondering if I will get this or if you have a courier. I know in the UK as with the States you are allowed a certain amount without paying VAT.

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KAVI Glycolic Acid is ready to use. We recommend you apply the mask once per week, and the same applies for KAVI Salicylic Acid. To use both, you may consider alternating between the two, using one on odd weeks and the other on even weeks. All instructions are included.


We ship via USPS (United States Postal Service), and there may be a VAT fee. We ship everything under the category “commercial sample” or "merchandise".

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