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Guest Sara

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Hello, I just bought the Glycolic Serum 15 and am confused about whether this is a moisturizer or only a product that exfoliates the skin. Do you recommend this in conjunction with a moisturizer? I want to wear sunscreen every day, so does it make sense to put this on after washing my face in the morning, and then layer the SPF on top of it? Thanks for any clarification you can provide.

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Glycolic Serum 15 is a glycolic moisturizer. It is made with 15% glycolic acid and 45% hyaluronic acid. The glycolic acid component will help with cellular restoration and collagen synthesis, while the hyaluronic acid will help with dermal hydration. Please note that we buffer the pH of the glycolic acid in our serums to 3.8, too high to provide exfoliation at the rate you would achieve with our exfoliation masks, which have a pH of 2.1. The skin’s pH is typically 5.5, so Glycolic Serum 15 may still yield a mild sting when administered.


When using in conjunction with SPF, it would be advisable to apply Glycolic Serum 15 first, wait 3 minutes for absorption, and then apply a layer of SPF on top.

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