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Salicylic Acid 25

Guest Rose

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Hi, I purchased your Salicylic Acid Peel 25. I never used this strength before. I tried it the day before yesterday and I'm starting to peel now. My skin is very oily, I have large pores, darkened acne scars and bumpiness due to the scaring. Here are my questions:


1. Will this peel help with my skin condition?

2. How often should I do them? I was only able to leave the solution on for 25 seconds.

3. After how many treatments will I start to see results?

4. Is Glycolic Acid more suitable for my condition, if so, at what strength?


Thanks for your help! Rose

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Salicylic Acid 25 will help substantially with large pores. You will also notice secondary benefits to your skin tone. After several applications, damaged surface layers will slough off, exposing healthy, new skin with more even skin tone. Although salicylic acid is not as effective with uneven pigmentation as glycolic acid, its keratolytic properties will still help. If Salicylic Acid 25 is not too strong for your skin, then Glycolic Acid 50 would be a comparable peel to consider using on alternate weeks to help with acne scarring. As for reducing oily skin, although salicylic acid is an antiseborrheic (i.e., works to reduce oil ), application once per week will require another product to help counter sebum production between peels. We would recommend Coral KAVI, Aqua KAVI, or KAVI DermaWash as daily cleansers.

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