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about pH of glycolic peels?

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I just got familiar with your products- and it looks VERY IMPRESSIVE... I was looking for best regime forever and seems to me I find what I need!!!! Your site looks very proffessional, but one question- about glycolic peels consentration and pH balance- is it true that Ph is a -log[H+] so the more concentration- the more or less Log [H+]-so certain concentration can not be of different ?pH? Please let me know, cause everething else seems very proffessional and trustworthy!!! I would like to start your regime and stay KAVI devoited customer.

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Thank you for your post, and we are happy to hear you like our web site. Your analysis is correct if the peel remains unbuffered (see our unbuffered glycolic peels in the Physician Portal as an example). Our retail and professional peels, on the other hand, are increasingly buffered as the concentration increases to maintain a pH of 2.1. Our acids cannot be completely neutralized with water when the pH is under 2.0, making them unsafe for use by non-medical professionals or those without equivalent training in the administration of chemical peels. For this reason (and by law), peels sold to consumers and non-medical professionals cannot have a pH under 2.0. As there is some variance (<0.05+/-) with each preparation, we target 2.1.

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