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Difference between Glycolic and Salicylic acid peels

Guest Erick

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Thank you for the informative details.

Can you advice the condition of the skin after the treatment..?

Would it be significant redness or skin peeling..? Do I need to miss work..?


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Both our salicylic acid (pH=2.35) and buffered glycolic acid preparations (pH=2.1) should provide for a fast recovery time, typically within two hours of peel removal. During the recovery window, your skin may be somewhat red and mildly inflamed, however any visible redness and inflammation should subside within two hours.


Be sure to protect your skin with suitable SPF protection while treating your skin with glycolic or salicylic acid exfoliation masks, as peels will make the skin more sensitive to UV radiation.


Also have a look at the following forum post for more information: http://www.kaviskin.com/forums/index.php?s...9entry425.


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It really depends on your skin. For facial peels, people typically start with a lower concentration (20% or 30%) to acclimate their skin to glycolic acid and test for sensitivity, thereby reducing the chances of a burn. While the effects from a glycolic acid burn at a pH of 2.1 are relatively mild (equal to about a medium sunburn), there isn’t a need to risk an occurrence when you have a safer approach to take. We recommend starting strengths of 30% or 40% for peels on the chest, back, legs, arms, etc., as the skin there is thicker and less susceptible to a reaction.


If your skin is more resilient than average, you can start with higher strengths and reduce the application time for the first two or three peels to offset the acid strength. However, please note that this is not our recommended approach for those without prior experience with lower-strength peels.

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