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your olive oil soap vs. coral kavi

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i have heard on different messageboards that olive oil works good to clear up peoples acne. most wouldnt consider olive oil an acne treatment, but in your honest opinion, how is it that olive oil could clear up acne? is olive oil more moisturizing to the skin than coral kavi? also, could your olive oil bar be more effective than your coral kavi? what is the difference between the bars in terms of clearing up acne?

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While olive oil will not lead to an increase in acne infection on most skin types, it is ineffective as a treatment (except in cases where it is used as a replacement to an ingredient that was the source of an acne problem).


Coral KAVI not only contains ingredients that are safe for acne-prone skin (e.g., palm oil, vegetable-based moisturizers, glycerin), but also contains ingredients that can treat acne infection effectively (e.g., sulfur, salicylic acid).


Pearl KAVI (made with olive oil) can be a better choice for skin that doesn't need active anti-acne care but will break out with use of other cleansing bars (e.g., Ivory, Dove, etc.).

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