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Sulfur Suspension

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I just ordered the sulfur suspension liquid and I'm wondering what the best way to apply it is. I use the coral kavi soap and know it is supposed to be applied after washing with the coral.


I'm assuming the skin should be allowed to dry before the suspension liquid is applied?


I'm starting to alternate cleansing with a mild, non-medicated cleanser. Would it be best to use the sulfur liquid only with the coral soap?


Does the bottle need to be shaked before used? The liquid seems a little runny and grainy.


Am I supposed to apply generously or a thin layer?

Any advice would be appreciated, thank you!

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The sulfur suspension may be applied after cleansing with Coral KAVI or another cleanser. Shaking the suspension before use is a good idea, and application onto towel-dried skin is recommended. Unlike our other products, the sulfur suspension can require a more generous layer to ensure an adequate distribution of sulfur to the target area.


The suspension is a strong antiseborrheic, and you should monitor your skin closely for dryness. If dryness ensues, stop using the suspension for one week and recommence application at wider intervals (e.g., if you were applying daily before, apply once every other day after recommencing).


One additional note: sulfur can temporarily darken silver jewelry, and we would advise you avoid exposing silver to skin being treated with the suspension.

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