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Glycolic for combo skin

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I have a client tomorrow and just realised I don't have any Salicylic so I was going to use a glycolic peel on him. He's combo skin with some acne on his cheeks. I was going to use a glycolic peel on him, then after wards use Emu oil on him after the peel. Is a glycolic peel to strong for this treatment. I also have some one of your bars of soap, but it dosent say the name on it, it's a rather pinkish color so I'm assuming it's the coral kavi soap.. just not sure. If you could answer these question for me I'm greatly appreciate it.

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What strength glycolic were you planning on using? While glycolic acid isn’t the best peel for acne (it doesn’t do as good a job as salicylic acid in opening up clogged pores), it is still effective. In terms of comparable strength, KAVI Salicylic Acid 8 is about equal to KAVI Glycolic Acid 30.


All KAVI bar cleansers have the word “KAVI” stamped on them. It is a deep stamp placed at the time the soap is still soft. If it is a new bar and it doesn’t say “KAVI”, it’s not KAVI.

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